25 Star Wars Day activities for kids & teens

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May the fourth be with you! We’re huge Star Wars fans here at iD Tech, and it’s only fitting that in honor of this (unofficial) holiday, we share some awesome Star Wars Day activities that are easy to do at home or in the classroom. 

The 2022-2023 school year is winding down, and I know from personal experience that it can be challenging to motivate students to learn with summer break so near on the horizon.

Why not shake things up with characters from kids’ favorite movies and fascinating questions about outer space?

If you want to provide an excellent brain break or learning extension ready to launch, as they say on Mandalore: this is the way. 

Fun Activities for Star Wars Day

Give a STEM concept or writing challenge a Yoda twist, and re-engaged, they will be! 

With the help of this ultimate guide to Star Wars Day activities, your learner will be having fun as they blast off into a galaxy far, far away (metaphorically speaking, of course). Whether you’re on the hunt for an activity, recipe, or fun remedy for that end of the school year slump, these 25 ideas are sure to help kick things back into hyperdrive. 

1. Try a Star Wars Math Project

Swap out the typical "apples" or travel destination word problems for Luke Skywalker and the adventures of the Millennium Falcon with these fun math challenges

2. Introduce Coding with a Star Wars Lesson Plan

Never coded before? This Star Wars coding lesson plan is a great intro for beginners at the padawan level. Kids will be introduced to JavaScript programming using Hour of Code’s free platforms paired with supplemental guiding information. 

3. Create a May the Fourth Be With You Light Up Card

In this easy DIY, make awesome light-up LED cards that will brighten any space with the glow of circuit-powered light sabers. The powers of engineering and imagination combine to make this a fun, hands-on way to learn about circuits and celebrate all things Star Wars.

4. Explore Star Wars Science with Stars of the Movies

Fun fact: the Star Wars website is a treasure trove of learning activities in addition to trivia and other goodies from the franchise. In the latest episode of their podcast series, hosts chat with actor Anthony Daniels (C3P0 in human form!) about C3P0 and artificial intelligence. In other episodes, learn about the science behind hover vehicles, space travel, and additional fun topics that blend fact and fiction.

5. Tell a Star Wars Story with Art

Encourage kids’ creativity with this fun shadow puppet activity! They can reenact their favorite scenes from the Star Wars books and movies or write and perform their own Baby Yoda adventure. 

If your child is an artist, they might enjoy using the Star Wars universe as inspiration for character art, a comic book, or alternate ending video

6. Engage in an R2-D2 Trash Can DIY

This craft is sure to brighten up any space and can even, according to this activity’s creator, provide a fun cleanup reminder for kids! Check out this DIY R2-D2 trash can for a fun (and tidy) themed craft.

7. Create Galaxy Slime

This galaxy slime sparkles like the night sky and is simple and inexpensive to make at home. 

8. Explore Space  with The Universe

If your child is curious about the real science of space, there’s no better guide than Neil deGrasse Tyson. Blend science fact with science fiction by comparing and contrasting Star Wars with his space travel episode on The Universe—or really any of his other programs or books about the wonders of our galaxy and beyond.

9. Build an Eco-Friendly Ewok Shelter

Reuse, recycle, and celebrate Star Wars Day all at once by constructing an Ewok shelter! These adorable dwellings would make lovely additions to any garden or indoor space, and double as a fun recycling activity.

10. Turn School Supplies into X-Wing Fighters

With the school year winding down anyway, now is a great time to repurpose any supplies your child might not need this summer or next year. So, transform those school supplies into a cool X-wing fighter inspired by Star Wars’ amazing spaceships.

11. Cook a Star Wars Recipe

The perfect accompaniment to a movie marathon (or any of these other activities, particularly the academic ones!), have fun with galactic cooking recipes inspired by the distant planets and unique worlds of Star Wars. 

12. Learn about Leadership with Leia

Princess, senator, general: there’s no doubt that Leia is an inspirational figure in the story with much to teach viewers. In this discussion lesson, kids can learn from her example and brainstorm ways to emulate her empathy, courage, and tenacity in real life. 

13. Make a Mandalorian Magnet

No, this won’t make actual Mandalorian soldiers show up at your house, but this Mandalorian Magnet DIY is still fun for the whole family! 

14. Learn Scratch Coding with Star Wars

Scratch is one of the best coding languages for beginners, and with an intergalactic twist, it’s even more fun to try out. In this Star Wars coding book, kids can learn to code and watch as their Scratch games bring The Force, jetpacks, and other fun elements of the movies to life. 

15. Craft Your Own Chewbacca

While the Chewbacca voice may not be included, this fun craft does make it possible for kids to sew their very own wookie. 

16. Host a Themed Paper Airplane Competition

This classic activity can be easily modified with some Star Wars-inspired origami that’s sure to help kids’ imaginations take flight! Compare the flight durations of X-Wing fighters vs. Imperial Star Destroyers and other awesome ships with a side of fun competition. 

17. Learn Fractions from Stormtroopers

A themed activity can spice up just about any academic content, and this stormtrooper fraction activity does exactly that. 

18. Rescue Hans Solo

Recreate the iconic scene from Return of the Jedi with a fun activity and science experiment. Kids can rescue (LEGO) Hans Solo from a frozen prison by concocting their own solution and watching the ice melt. 

19. Turn a pen into a Lightsaber

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and this lightsaber DIY gives the phrase a whole new meaning; kids’ favorite writing utensil will quickly become this glow-in-the-dark miniature “lightsaber.”

20. Get Creative with Star Wars Writing Activities

Perhaps with a lightsaber pen in hand, encourage kids’ creative writing skills with these fun, imaginative Star Wars writing prompts

21. Construct a Starfighter Launcher

Have an epic launch party at home as kids construct and launch their own aircrafts inspired by Star Wars. Perfect for budding engineers, kids will love seeing how far their Starfighters can fly!

22. Make Endor Coasters

Kids will love seeing Stormtroopers, speeder bikes, and ewoks around the house, and this Endor Coaster DIY makes for the perfect craft with a stylish end result.

23. Harvest Water from Fog

Blend real science with the imaginary climates of planets far far away in this nifty experiment. Harvest water from fog to not only feel like you’re in Yoda’s swamp, but also to learn survival skills and explore meteorology. 

24. Illuminate with Star Wars Lanterns

Just in time for warmer weather, these Star Wars lanterns give May the Fourth the festive glow it deserves. Recycle some tin cans and let your designs shine!

25. Philosophize with Yoda

Explore the immortal words: do or do not - there is no try in this awesome philosophical discussion. Yoda’s wisdom extends beyond the world of The Empire Strikes Back and can be applied to any number of goal-setting situations to help kids persevere through challenges. 

May the Fourth Be With You!

Enjoy Star Wars Day, and remember to help your child celebrate the stories they love all year round! 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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