5 ways to make the most of camp, after camp ends

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The first day of fall approaches, and your attention turns from sunny days and camp sessions to school and homework.

But don’t forget about your child's camp experience just yet!

Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of camp, after camp ends.

1. Learn year-round with Online Private Lessons

Our instructors are our pride and joy; you just can’t find the same caliber of staff at any other summer camp. So why not stay connected year-round?

With one-on-one remote instruction, your student will build in-demand tech skills from the comfort of home. From coding and game development, to robotics and design, the same customizable courses from camp can be delivered on your schedule, from certified iD Tech instructors. 

Our Online Private Tutoring Lessons are the perfect way to prep for a summer course, continue learning afterwards, or dive into a new topic anytime.

2. Improve projects

Your child left camp with a project—whether that was a laptop or a game or a film—and even if that project was "complete," there’s always more to add!

Learning in STEM is about iteration; ask your child what their favorite parts of their project were, and help them find ways to enhance those parts.

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Perhaps they adored taking photos. Investing in a digital camera so they can continue photographing and posting on their website will help keep their digital skills sharp.

Can’t afford a camera? There are websites where you can rent them, too!

3. Keep the learning going

Similar to #2, keep the learning going! If your child completed their project and is ready for a new challenge, embrace that can-do attitude and invest in their future.

Try researching online courses, local library offerings in the form of books and classes, or get them involved in at-school activities. Even just reading and keeping up with current trends is helpful. There are plenty of blogs for kids. 

Perhaps robotics captured their heart and their school has a team? Or maybe they adored the complexities of engineering and you can buy them a subscription box like the Tinker from Kiwi Crate? Keeping the experimentation going can ensure your child doesn’t lose the hard-earned skills they crafted at camp this summer.

And who knows? Maybe those skills will turn into a path toward a STEM career they’d never imagined.

4. Consider activities outside of school

Realistically, while weekends are probably swallowed by homework and errands, they should also be for relaxation and fun!

Try pairing that fun with educational activities for a double whammy of quality time. Check out museums, science fairs, STEM competitions, and other tech-related activities in your area. To save money, keep an eye out for special deals—sometimes museums offer two-for-one or even free admission on certain days.

Can’t afford to go out or can’t find the time to leave the house? Turn your kitchen into a laboratory, have a STEM-themed movie night, or even go old school: break out some popsicle sticks, and challenge your aspiring engineer to build.

Check out our posts on Winter Break and Spring Break STEM activities for ideas, most of which are applicable all year long!

5. Realize it’s more than just tech

Helping your child maintain the STEM skills they built at iD is essential, but there are plenty of other summer camp benefits to consider. From determination and social skills, to self-confidence and new friendships, your child gained more than they may know.

Take those so-called “soft skills” (because really, what’s “soft” about learning to work efficiently in a team?) and foster them. Determination can carry them through SATs, while social skills can encourage them to make new friends. And, the benefits of increased self-confidence are literally endless.

Observe your child’s daily experiences, see if you can spot when they’re using these non-tech habits, and let them know how proud you are of them for broadening their scope of the world.

Come back next summer!

In the chaos of backpacks, new teachers, and adjusting to school schedules, summer can fade from your mind—and your child’s mind—pretty quickly. But don’t forget how camp inspired your child with new techie curiosity.

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