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Hair Cuts and Cows at the Beach

girls working at computer coding laughing

As the trip wound down, we decided to get some hair cuts.  What Mom did not know is that our idea of a haircut was a buzz cut.  At camp, I am accustomed to doing crazy stuff and having a ton of fun with the kids.  I have been slimed, dunked in water, painted…you name it.

This is the reaction of my wife when she walked into the barber shop…after the deed had been done, of course.  He he he!!!

Pete's wife and infant

This is my eldest son getting a “trim.”

eldest son getting haircut in barber shop

And, not to be outdone…

Pete getting haircut in barbershop

And, that’s all she wrote…

See a video of my boy dancing in the barber shop.  He was pretty excited.  He is the one clapping the whole time.

Here is a picture when we were all done…

fresh haircuts on father and son

After we got done, we headed to the beach.  This particular beach is not at the ocean.  It is high in the mountains of Cordoba, Argentina, and formed by a river, not the sea.

father and son playing in sand at beach

view at the beach in Cordoba, Argentina

I crossed the river to take this picture of my wife with our boys and her mom and grandmother.

view of people across the water at the beach

Then I looked upstream, and a bunch of cows started to cross the river.  No joke.

cows crossing upstream

I ran up to take a picture.  Needless to say, I don’t think it was a good idea to be downstream after this.

cows crossing the river

Until next time!