Best Free Science Websites for Kids & Teens

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One of the best ways to channel kids’ innate curiosity is through the wide world of science. Why is the sky blue? What makes WiFi work? I could go on, but I don’t need to because there are so many awesome science websites for kids out there just waiting to be explored!

We can all agree that it’s important to encourage kids to find answers, even to big questions, and you never know: they could stumble upon something that inspires them to learn even more. 

Of course, these days many parents are looking to have less screen time, and with so many tools to juggle for virtual learning, we don’t want to pile on more tech to track. 

But that’s the beauty of these fun science websites—they are free (or mostly free) to use, and their interactive resources are designed to get kids and teens excited about the world around them. Not only is the screen time educational, it’s designed to get kids thinking about the natural world and innovations beyond just flipping through social media or Netflix. 

Best Science Websites

Not sure where to start?

Enrichment activities like taking a virtual science field trip or watching a powerful documentary with your student might help identify what branch of science they’re most interested in. Plus, an amazing virtual expedition or awe-inspiring documentary can be motivating and make the science real for kids. 

Best Science Websites for Elementary and  Middle School Students

From learning why dogs wag their tails to online tours of paleontological digs and spaceships, these websites are sure to intrigue elementary and middle school students. 

They also present plenty of academic content in a fun way, so why not try a game or interactive investigation to supplement what they’re learning in school?

NASA Kids’ Club

Blast off with NASA in this fun website designed for young minds. Kids can find interactive “missions”, simulations, games, podcasts, and more—all designed to get kids excited about space exploration. 

Visit website:

Kids National Geographic

A true classic, you really can’t go wrong with National Geographic Kids. Their “brain boosters” and videos make for quick, intriguing viewing and offer plenty of extension opportunities. 

Visit website:

screenshot of national geographic for kids website

Project Noah

Budding conservationists will love Project Noah; it’s a wonderful platform for learning about wildlife and connecting with like minds. Project Noah offers a nature school series and volunteer opportunities through their Rangers program.

Visit website:

Bill Nye 

Learning with Bill Nye the Science Guy has come a long way since VHS tapes were wheeled into science classrooms, and his new programs show that science still rules! From his new Netflix series to an extensive repository of at-home and fun science experiment ideas, there’s something for every time frame and scientific topic. 

Visit website:

Mystery Science

If your child is bombarding you with questions, Mystery Science probably has the answers, plus opportunities to learn even more. This website offers everything from quick answer videos to full mini-lessons appropriate for grades K-5. 

Visit website:


Nova has something for all ages, but its colorful Exoplanet Lab and real-world science experiments and games are particularly suited to young learners. Nova is a favorite among science educators and can always be relied upon for high quality information and resources.

Visit website:


See what hundreds of thousands of subscribers and views are raving about! SciShow is one of the most popular educational YouTube channels, tackling relevant, real-world science like how COVID-19 vaccines work and how to combat climate change. 

Visit website:

screen shot of sci show youtube channel

Best Science Websites for Upper Middle and High School Students

Advanced science can be tricky, but it’s also some of the most fascinating subject matter out there! And let’s be honest, just staring at the periodic table isn’t enough to make science come alive. 

Spark your teen’s interest with cool videos and interactive tools that explain the inner workings of topics like chemistry and physics.

Now is a great time to encourage your child to advocate for causes they care about, and if your child loves the outdoors or perhaps educating others about the wonders of STEM, these websites can help inform their next passion project or advocacy campaign. 

How Stuff Works

As you might imagine, this is the place to go to find out How Stuff Works. If your teen is asking, “why am I learning this?” or “when will I need to know this in real life?” this website is a great place to see topics like chemistry and earth science in action. 

Visit website:

NOAA Resource Collections

If your child is a science enthusiast, NOAA is an excellent resource for designing their own science experiment or investigation. NOAA helps students explore coral reefs, satellites, and other fascinating places. Plus, science enthusiasts might enjoy the STEM competitions offered as a way to connect with like minds.

Visit website:

Population Education

Activists, unite! Population Education educates kids about sustainability and encourages them to take action. The site’s filter feature makes it easy to find the right activity for your child and find multidisciplinary connections to learning about environmental science. 

Visit website:

NASA STEM for Students

NASA has additional resources specifically designed for high school students. From writing and STEM contests to up-to-date developments about the latest space missions, there are so many enriching ways to engage with NASA.

Visit website: 

screen shot of nasa stem engagement website

PhET Interactive Simulations

As a science student, sometimes visuals are essential to understanding complex concepts. These simulations are enormously helpful in making math fun and bringing science to life for visual learners. 

Visit website:

The Physics Classroom

Ideal for advanced learners, the Physics Classroom provides tutorials and deep dives into everything kids will need to learn to ace a physics test or take their knowledge to the next level. 

Visit website:

Help kids think outside the box

The best learning environments thrive on connections to the real world, and helping your child make those connections can breathe fresh life into their school routine (and after-school routine). 

For even more hands-on learning with STEM, iD Tech specializes in outside-the-box learning experiences. Check out our coding classes for kids and courses in other cutting-edge topics designed to build a love of learning alongside valuable tech skills! 

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Virginia started with iD Tech at the University of Denver in 2015 and has loved every minute since then! A former teacher by trade, she has a master's in education and loves working to embolden the next generation through STEM. Outside the office, you can usually find her reading a good book, struggling on a yoga mat, or exploring the Rocky Mountains. 

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