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About Photoshop

  • Photoshop has become a verb unto itself. Few people these days say “edit a photo” or “make a meme.” Instead, they say “Photoshop” to as an all-encompassing synonym. 

  • In the tech world, proficiency with Photoshop is often expected, just like reading or writing. Kids can't really go wrong with developing their skills in this staple from Adobe!

  • If your child is looking to dive into digital art skills like changing image sizes, removing backgrounds, combining disparate elements, designing their own memes, or drawing and painting digitally, this is the program that lets them do it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why photography for kids and teens?
What better way to capture all that the world has to offer than with photography? Not to mention that anyone looking to be a professional in this field should begin getting familiar with how to put together a stellar digital portfolio. Plus, editing and adding text and style to images, working with the lasso tool, brushes, and more are all skills most people would love to have in their lives regardless of their profession. 

What are photography courses like?
Photography courses give students the chance to create while gaining hands-on experience in developing planning skills, analyzing successful brands and photos, and working with professional products.

Which photography course is right for my child?
It depends on their skill level, interests, and goals! Your child can take their beginning love of photography to the next level, or go deeper into more advanced courses. Our Academic Advisors are here to provide personalized recommendations.

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