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Why Work at iD?

Imagine a summer job where dressing up for work means putting on a superhero cape. Where deciding on a camp nickname helps protect your secret identity. Where days include video game tournaments, epic lip sync battles, and capture the flag. Now imagine a job where all this happens, AND you get to impact the lives of young people by teaching real-world STEM skills with courses in programming, video game design, engineering, web design, film, and more. That’s iD Tech! We also offer the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the country—with housing and meals provided at most locations. Need internship credits or co-op hours? We’ve got that covered, too! A summer with iD Tech is a great way for you to build your resume, network with people in the industry, and build lasting friendships. No wonder iD Tech is the #BestJobEver!

Open Positions

Camp Director

Directors are the face of iD Tech to parents, students, university officials, and staff at camp. They create a FUN, SAFE environment, while ensuring high-level instruction for all students. Must be an organized, experienced decision maker.

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Assistant Director

Responsible, thorough, and organized—Assistant Directors are the perfect complement to Camp Directors. Assistant Directors help with meds, staff issues, logistics, and inventory management. Effective follow-through and communication are a must.

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Lead Instructor

Mentors for their fellow Instructors, Lead Instructors are the example of excellent tech instruction and teamwork. Must be enthusiastic, willing to give and take direction, and display initiative. Lead Instructors unlock the potential of staff and students alike.

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As role models for our students, Instructors are knowledgeable, high-energy, and passionate about technology. Through teaching, leading activities, and building relationships, iD Tech Instructors inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Health & Safety Coordinator

The well-being of our students is our highest priority. Health and Safety Coordinators personify this value by administering meds, assessing risk, and performing first aid. A willingness to help with activities and engage students is also a must.

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Check back in November to apply for the #BestJobEver!

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