Use Adobe Bridge to Quickly (and Easily!) Make Contact Sheets

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If you're like me, sometimes it's hard to get a good idea of what your best photos are when you're looking at them on the screen.  Sometimes it's good to get away from the computer, and look at paper.  While I always advocate "staying green" and avoiding paper where possible, sometimes clients (or grandparents) prefer things the old-school way.  Professional photographers use "contact sheets" which are sheets of paper with sample images on them, much like you may have seen "thumbnail galleries" online.  A contact sheet is a paper version of a thumbnail gallery.  Adobe Bridge features a really easy and customizable way to view just the images you select.

Open BR CS4.  Select "output" from the top row, and you'll see a dialog box on the right hand side with multiple sets of options.  At the top it asks if you want to output to a pdf file or for the web.  According to what output options you choose, you can customize the way you want it  to show up.

You can see a couple of samples here; a contact sheet with 40 smaller images, or one with 20 larger ones.  You can choose whatever sizes you'd like, or use some of the more common presets.


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