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Inspiration can strike anywhere. Over breakfast. On the way to practice. During a film. At a café. Got a big idea? Jot it down. Discuss it with friends. Watch as it unfolds into something real and impactful. Something unique.


Whether you’re designing a sleek webpage or learning to code creatively, technology shouldn’t be intimidating or uninspired. In the right environment, it’s cool. Meaningful. Life-changing.


That’s what makes the Alexa Café experience unlike anything else. It’s a chic concept where girls ages 10-14 collaborate and create in small, close-knit clusters. A place where ideas take shape around café tables and atop beanbags. All girls enrolled at the Café will kick-start a 1-for-1 social movement while studying stylish, game-changing brands.


Alexa Café isn’t just a summer camp for girls. It’s a movement.


Design a brand and kick-start your own 1-for-1 social movement.

It’s your turn to envision a product that makes the world a better place. Maybe it’s a fitness app that lets you raise money for charity while you jog, or a website that helps the Humane Society connect pets with adopters. Perhaps it’s a game where a high-score becomes a donated meal.


Now, what does your product look like? What color is your logo? Sometimes a brand goes through many transformations before it turns out just right.

“Learning to code helps kids feel empowered to make an impact on the world. Programs specifically designed to teach girls to code are a vital part of getting more girls interested in tech.”

Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive Officer, YouTube

Make your brand stand for something bigger

At Alexa Café, we’ll discover:

“The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are set…by our personal passion, talents, and interests.”

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook

The math doesn’t add up. Let’s change the equation.


“In our inaugural season, we’re launching our own 1-for-1 movement. For every girl who attends Alexa Café, we’ll be sending a female camper to iD Tech Camps on scholarship.”

Alexa Ingram-Cauchi, Co-Founder & President, iD Tech

See you at the Café this summer!

Day Camps for Girls, held at Palo Alto High School in Northern CA

Ages: 10-14 (we’ll expand in future seasons)
Skill Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Dates: Weeklong sessions from July 7 – August 1
Check-In: 8-9 AM Mon-Fri
Pick-Up: 5-6 PM Mon-Thurs, Fri 3-4 PM
Tuition: $949 per week
Ratios: 8:1 Student-to-Instructor Ratio, Guaranteed