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  • Top 10 Tips for Going Green this Earth Day – iD Tech

    Happy Earth Day, iD Techies. It’s no secret–here at iD Tech, we love us some green. Green office walls, green shoes, green hair (in some cases…), and most importantly, our eco-conscious green initiatives like One Camper One Tree. Via a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we plant one tree for each student who enrolls [...]

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  • 2014 Summer Camps—Oh How Times Have Changed

    What does “summer camp” mean to you?  For me, it has meant everything from traditional campfire songs to baseball, basketball, and more. That’s what summer was like in 1994; it wasn’t about technology or computers…and it didn’t really have to be. But things are different now. There wasn’t an abundance of STEM careers and a [...]

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  • Equality is Eggcellent: Just In Time for Easter, Progressive Toymaker ‘GoldieBlox’ Releases New Video

    Those of us who were around in the 80′s probably remember the DARE anti-drug commercial featuring the cracked egg in the frying pan and the foreboding “this is your brain on drugs” messaging. Flash forward to 2014–progressive toymaker GoldieBlox has given the famous ad a new spin. According to the the witty GoldieBlox crew, who [...]

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  • POLL: Free tech eBooks–what do YOU want to learn about?

    We’re writing new tech eBooks for kids and teens–what do YOU want to learn about? How to become an iD instructor? How to develop your first app? How to make the world a better place with tech? How to produce the next viral video? VOTE NOW > Have you visited the iD Library? There, you [...]

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  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes We Make Designing Websites

    Mistake 1:  Design Starts on the Computer.  Wrong! When we do it best, we draw it first. Napkins.  Blank paper.  Designs start with concepts and ideas and blanks sheets of paper.  We have to force ourselves to step away from our computers and mobile phones.  We turn on the Enya.  And just draw.  I can [...]

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  • How Robotics Engineers Brought Jason Barnes’ Groove Back

    We came across a powerful juxtaposition of technology, music, and health. Thanks to robotics engineers at Georgia Tech, a 24-year-old drummer is getting a second chance to play the music he loves after losing his right arm in an accident. Read the story here. Image from myajc.com After the accident, Jason received the prosthetic arm which [...]

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  • It’s National Robotics Week: Save the World…Build a Robot!

    That’s right, iD Techies! April 5-13 marks this year’s National Robotics Week, supported by a variety of tech industry leaders like Autodesk®, The Tech Museum, the National Girls Collaborative Project, and many more. According to the official Advisory Panel, the purpose of National Robotics Week is to boost ”public awareness of the growing importance of ‘robo-technology’ [...]

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  • Post April Fools’ Roundup: Twitter Wins Best Prank with “Twitter Helmet”

    Yesterday, the tech world exploded with quirky, April Fools’ induced creativity as industry leaders showcased a slew of humorous “new” ads and products. First, there was Google’s job search for a Pokemon Master, supplemented by their Pokemon Challenge for Google Maps. Next, Samsung, Toshiba and HTC all accidentally unleashed the same prank, advertising new “smartgloves,” complete [...]

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  • Thanks to Fawn Qiu, Flappy Bird is back…in real life!

    This year, we added an electrical engineering course for teens built around Arduino™ , an open-source microcontroller board for all skill-levels.  Naturally, we were pretty stoked to discover that the same hardware has been used to resurrect the infamous Flappy Bird…in real life! Ah, Arduino™–your possibilities are truly endless. The “Make Flappy Box,” designed by Fawn Qui, is [...]

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  • March 2014 Camp Fair Raffle Winner Free Week of Day Camp

    We would like to congratulate Hong Sun on winning a free week of day camp at iD Tech Camps! We are very excited to have you join our iD Tech Family. Stay tuned campers, as we will be holding another raffle at the end of April and we will announce the winner here! To be entered [...]

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