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Awesomeness TV Debuts Alexa Café Episode 3 of 6!

Awesomeness TV has released episode 3 of 6 covering Alexa Café! According to Awesomeness TV, “Many anti-bullying initiatives have focused on prevention, but is that enough? This week at camp,[...]

How Kids Can Start Learning Programming …Realistically

First, a disclaimer: This post is intended for those kids and parents who are overwhelmed with all-things programming and coding, due to statements like “You MUST learn to code” and “ANYONE can[...]
Programming Student Bean Bag

5 Programming Definitions Every Kid (& Parent) Should Know

When I tell friends and family members (and even complete strangers) about iD Tech, I get the same question—can kids really learn programming? For anyone who isn’t a programmer, the skill usually[...]

Awesomeness TV Debuts Alexa Café Episode 2 of 6!

Awesomeness TV has debuted the 2nd of six episodes covering Alexa Café, our chic, collaborative summer STEM program for girls! According to the Awesomeness TV crew, “This week at camp, the[...]

Best STEM Apps for Kids Ages 4-12

According to a study by Common Sense Media, ” among families with children age 8 and under, there has been a five-fold increase in ownership of tablet devices such as iPads, from 8% of all[...]

Awesomeness TV Debuts Alexa Café Episode 1 of 6!

We are thrilled to announce that Awesomeness TV has officially begun the debut of their 6-part series on Alexa Café! We couldn’t be prouder of or more excited for the girls who attended Alexa[...]

Alexa Café Footage Captures Girls’ Love for Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Premiere Pro® & More

In it’s inaugural season, our new all-girls program, Alexa Café, has already made waves in international news! The Senior Adobe® Education Advocate from Australia wanted to see our program[...]

Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from August 22, 2014

Summer at iD Tech has officially come to a close for 2014! We hope you loved every minute of your camp experience and we thank you for the amazing memories we created together. We hope you’ll[...]

Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from August 15, 2014

Welcome to the 11th installment of our Summer 2014 Weekly Snapshot! Only one more week to go until our summer camps come to a close for the summer! Some shots from this week that we love:   New[...]

Girls & Code: A Relatable Role-Model Can Make All the Difference

Over at the SPARK Blog, Annemarie McDaniel, a professional coder, graphic designer, and blogger, recently posted a terrific read titled “The girl protagonist who inspired me to code.”[...]
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