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Travel guide

Traveling to camp?

We understand travel times don’t always match up with our check-in and check-out times. When planning your trip please keep the following in mind.

When is check-in?

Day campers: Daily from 8:30am to 9am

Overnight campers: Sunday starting at 6pm

If your student cannot make it at exactly 6pm for overnight check-in, it’s okay! Just let our camp directors know ahead of time. Please account for airport customs, luggage, and transportation to camp. 

What is the check-in process like?

We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free drop-off system for day campers. On the first day, you might need to park, as our staff may have flyers and information to give to you.  

Sunday overnight check-in involves dinner, a short orientation, and safety drills. 

Why is it important to check in on time?

If your student arrives earlier or later than the designated time frame, we cannot guarantee there will be staff available. Location liaisons will not distribute keys to our programs until 6pm, so rooms will not be accessible before then. 

When is check-out?

Depending on the location, students must be picked up on Friday by 4pm or 5pm. Checkout begins at 2:45pm

Can’t find flights that match our checkout time? Students can leave early! We suggest booking flights that leave in the afternoon so students can check out after lunch. Students will still get their t-shirts, diploma, and project files! Just let our camp staff know ahead of time. 

Please account for transportation, airport customs, and security. 

What is the last day of camp like?

On the last day of camp, students prepare their projects to showcase to parents and friends. If you live abroad and are unable to attend our Friday family event, don't worry! Our staff will be there to support your student.

Why is it important to check out on time (or earlier)?

If your student departs later than the designated time, we cannot guarantee there will be staff or accommodations available. Your student will no longer be on our roster and will thus be released from our liability. 

Miscellaneous tips

1. Equip your student with their Camp Director’s phone number.

2. Pack a photo for younger students who may get homesick. 

3. Pack some extra cash for students to buy souvenirs.

4. Going to Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Maryland? There are required state health forms! Get started on them ASAP.

5. Heading to iD Coding & AI Academy held at MIT? Make sure you have a photo ID to present to school during check-in.