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    High-energy, experiential learning.

STEM Learning

iD Tech Camps (Ages 13-17)

Whether you're designing your own video game, coding an iPhone® or Android™ app, building a website, or producing a film, the energy in the labs is contagious. Unleash your creativity with hands-on, personalized STEM learning at your pace, taught by energetic, tech-savvy instructors who are more like mentors than teachers. It’s the perfect balance of tech learning and a cool social experience on a university campus.

At iD, you have the freedom to put your talents and passions to use. With no more than 8 students per instructor—guaranteed—this is anything but a typical classroom setting. Aside from our tech curriculum, you’ll have plenty of time for gaming tournaments and outdoor activities. Wrap up the week by bringing your tech portfolio and final project to life. Make this summer count, surrounded by new friends!  (Jump to all programs for teens or view kids summer camps.)

In the Labs | The iD Pedagogy

  • Non-traditional teaching style and environment emphasize experiential, hands-on learning.
  • Guaranteed 8:1 Student to Instructor ratio fosters personalized instruction and proper pacing for all skill levels (beginner through advanced).
  • University setting instills the importance of higher education, and excites students for collegiate life.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skill development promotes tech-savvy confidence. Curriculum is designed to promote 21st century skills like communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.
  • Project-based courses give students something to strive for (and a portfolio to take home).
  • Innovative blended learning mixes in-person instruction with the iD Game Plan, our proprietary learning platform developed in-house.
  • Exposure to the industry’s best software (from Apple®, Google, Adobe®, Microsoft®, Autodesk®, etc.) empowers and prepares students for futures in tech.
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