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Faculty & Staff

iD Game Design & Development Academy (Ages 13–18)

At iD Game Design & Development Academy, our faculty is comprised of elite instructors with backgrounds in professional game design, game programming, character design, animation, and more. Work alongside faculty members who have held positions at Electronic Arts (EA), entrepreneurs who have founded their own game development studios, Indie Game Designers, and Cinematic Animators who have worked on popular titles from Rockstar Games. Some are students or graduates of top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Princeton. Others are iD alumni who have returned to inspire the next generation of game creators.

We know the right instruction can profoundly impact your life path. Let the real-world experience of our instructors motivate you. Discover and pursue your talents and passions with the guidance of instructors who know what it takes to thrive in the dynamic field of game design & development.

As a Top Workplace for 7 years running, we attract the best, tech-savvy staff. Learn more.

Sample iD Game Design & Development Academy Faculty & Staff

  • Donald S.

    Instructor, iD Game Design & Development Academy held at Stanford

  • Michelle B.

    Instructor, iD Game Design & Development Academy held at Stanford

  • This is Don's 4th year at iD Tech. He has a BA in Digital Entertainment and Game Design and is the founder of Alchemical Games. He has also published Devourer Tower Defense Assault, a mod for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Don has worked as a Freelance Level Designer in UDK with Hardcore Technologies.

  • Michelle is a graduate of the University of Denver in Colorado with a B.S. in Computer Science. She studied AI, networking, game programming, software development methodologies, and database organization and management. She has a passion for teaching and inspiring students in software development.

Faculty FAQ

How do I know my teen is safe at iD Game Design & Development Academy?

As a family-owned company, we take the safety of our students and staff very seriously. All staff and faculty members undergo thorough background checks, and each program has a Director and staff members that are CPR & First Aid Certified.

Are faculty members compensated?

We pay our faculty considerably more than the industry standard. If they make it through our rigorous application process, it's because they're worth it.

How are instructors trained?

Despite our adoration of all things tech, we believe there is no substitute for training our summer faculty in person. By their first day of instruction, they're confident, excited, and equipped to inspire and teach.

How many students per instructor?

We guarantee an 8:1 student-instructor ratio—the small group environment allows for personalized instruction and proper pacing for each student, regardless of skill level.

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