• Entrepreneur Street Cred

    Siblings Pete & Alexa bootstrapped iD in their 20’s.

Entrepreneur Street Cred

“We know what it’s like to risk it all. To finance everything on credit cards. To move back in with Mom and Dad in our twenties—and start a company in a studio above a garage. We know what it’s like to do it when everyone tells you “you shouldn’t” and “you’ll never make it.” When we founded iD with our mom, Kathryn, we didn’t know what we didn’t know—but the love of the challenge and our passion for learning, teaching, and innovating turned into a continuous adventure/success/love story.

Tech Camps didn’t exist in 1999. There were computer camps—but they were lacking. We had to forge our own path—and that spirit is what still drives us today. We’re in business so you can spark your dreams. iD Tech Alumni have gone on to found tech startups, open their own indie game studios, launch their own web design firms, and work in Hollywood on blockbuster films. What will YOU invent? Whatever it is, it will take internalDrive.”

-Pete & Alexa (iD Tech CEO and Co-founder, respectively)

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