Summer 2020 registration opens November 1st!

Save the date and enroll early to get first dibs on courses, locations, and dates.

Mark your calendar...registration opens November 1st!

As the world's leading summer STEM educator, we are continually refining our curriculum, partnering with the biggest names in tech (including Epic Games, Adobe, Apple, and Roblox), and dreaming up new ways to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators. Summer 2020 is sure to be our best summer yet. See you opening day!

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Top reasons to register early:

1. You’ll save money. Our best savings of the year are in the fall and winter.

2. You have a flexible plan. Don’t stress...flex! You'll have the freedom to make changes to courses, locations, and dates up to 14 days before your session starts—without any fees!

3. You'll get first dibs on courses, locations, and dates. Once spring hits, our camps sell out in a flash. Beat the rush and secure your first choices.

4. You get peace of mind. Planning ahead rules!

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"This is our fourth year at iD Tech and we have been THRILLED with every year! The staff is excellent and knowledgeable and they make learning fun. Thank you for making every year better than the last!"
-Anna B., UC Irvine

Start learning today with Online Private Lessons

Can't wait for registration to open? Consider our year-round, Online Private Lessons! Led by iD Tech certified instructors, these remote sessions are the perfect way for your student to prep for a summer course, continue learning afterwards, or dive into a new topic anytime.

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How summer camp changed my life | 20 student success stories

iD Tech students and alumni have developed and sold apps, launched companies, and founded nonprofits. Others have held internships and jobs with Google, Facebook, Adobe, and EA. Get inspired!

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Reasons why kids & teens should learn to code

Have you wondered, "what's with all the hype about programming lately?" It's not just hype! Here are the top reasons your child should learn to code.

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11 benefits of summer camps for kids

From fun and friendship to physical activity and long-term skill building, your child has a lot to gain from attending a summer program. Learn more about the benefits of camp!

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Why is STEM important?

It’s not just coding and lab coats. It’s the underpinning of manufacturing, food production, health care, and so much more. In a world with millions of open STEM jobs, iD Tech gives students an edge for the future by instilling the most in-demand skills.

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