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3D Printing Pro
(Includes 3D Printer!)

This course includes a 3D printer shipped to your home. NEW! Bring a sibling or friend to your Online Private Lessons for free as long as social distancing measures are in effect. It's like saving 50%.

1-on-1 Online Private Lessons built around YOU

Students of all skill levels, backgrounds, and interests thrive in our 1-on-1 Online Private Lessons! Our iD Certified Instructors will customize the curriculum to YOU and your goals, so you can progress at your pace.

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3D Printing Pro (Includes 3D Printer!) 

This course includes 3D printer shipped to your home.

Course description

  • Ages 10+
  • Beginner - advanced
  • 5 Lessons (5 x 1 hr) + 3D Printer

Have you ever wanted to see something you design come to life, and become reality? Get your very own 3D Printer delivered to your door. Then you'll learn to print whatever you desire. From figurines to PPE, whether your goal is making a practical device or a fantasy creature, this is the course to get started with 3D printing. Learn the basics and requirements of your printer, the software associated with it, and how to print your own 3D models!

Note: Courses must be booked 10-days prior to start-date to allow for shipping. Mailing address will be collected at time of booking. We are not accepting international registrations for this course at this time.

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Each Online Private Lesson includes:

  • Ultimate scheduling flexibility, whatever your time zone
  • 1-on-1 learning with an experienced iD Certified Instructor
  • Curriculum customized to your unique interests and skill level
  • Post-session progress reports sent via email to keep you on track
  • NEW! Option to bring a sibling or friend for free (it's like saving 50%!)

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Our 1,500 tech rockstar instructors are ready to teach. Right now.

Our 1,500 tech rockstar instructors are ready to teach. Right now.
We know there's no replacement for the best teacher, in-person or online. That's why we hire elite, all-adult educators and recruit the same carefully-vetted talent sought by companies like Google, EA, Tesla, and Disney. They hire who we hire. 

  • We retain our finest staff from our worldwide programs to teach online
  • Stanford, Caltech, NYU: Our elite talent comes from the top universities. Very few can wear the “iD Tech Certified” badge.
  • Meticulous background and reference checks
  • All-adult instructors (no high schoolers or CITs)
  • Adherence to American Camp Association accredited guidelines

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