10 Steps to Becoming a Professional App Developer eBook

Mobile app development is the wave of the future. With an average of 65 apps (source: Flurry) on every smartphone, and estimates of more than 80 million smartphone users in the United States alone, it is a booming and lucrative industry.

Ever passed time playing Angry Birds? How about checked your bank statement on your phone, or compared prices while shopping? Mobile apps range from fun to practical, simple to complex. And as smartphone users come to rely on them for everything from entertainment to real-time information, a surprising range of apps has emerged.

The great news for kids and teens interested in programming is that in this field, ability is increasingly disconnected from age. Students can start on their path towards becoming a mobile app developer long before they even start applying to colleges! Several past iD Tech alumni have developed apps—both iPhone® and Android™—and are now making a profit from their sales. View app development courses at iD Tech.

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