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Exclusive online iD Master Classes

Your summer tuition includes exclusive access to our monthly online master classes, led by real-world tech luminaries.

Online iD Master Classes: Included in your summer tuition

Technology never sleeps, and it definitely doesn't stop once summer ends. That's why we've partnered with tech icons from Epic Games, Roblox, UCI Esports, and more, bringing exclusive monthly content to our community. Stay engaged with tech year round and gain access to next-level, insider knowledge. Enroll in a summer program today to secure your spot in our upcoming sessions.

In these classes, you will:

  • Get inspired by the experiences of rockstar coders, game developers, engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs 

  • Gain insider knowledge and a competitive edge for college, internships, and careers

Each class concludes with an interactive Q&A session, followed by a relevant, live demonstration by an iD Tech-certified instructor.

iD Master Classes are exclusive for students currently registered for an iD Tech summer program.

Upcoming class: Mark Deppe, Director at UCI Esports

Did you know you can go to college on scholarship video games? UC Irvine was the first public university to create an official Esports program, and is now nationally-recognized as one of the hottest teams in the world (named “Most Outstanding Collegiate Program” at the 2018 Tempest Awards).

Learn how Mark Deppe led the charge as the Director of Esports at UCI, building upon the five pillars of Competition, Research, Community, Entertainment, and Careers to create the award-winning program. It boasts a 100% graduation rate, a College League of Legends Championship, and multiple Guinness World Records!

Upcoming class: Aspen Clark, Associate Designer at Bethesda Softworks

Many would say a job in video game design is the stuff of dreams. Former Alexa Café instructor, Aspen Clark, is here to talk about what it takes to turn those dreams into reality! 

While teaching at our University of Denver summer program, Aspen obtained her undergraduate degree in Video Game Design and Computer Science, then doubled down with a Masters from Southern Methodist University. After years of dedication, she landed a coveted position at Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.

Gain industry insider info and discover how Aspen used her knowledge and experiences from Alexa Café, DU, and SMU to make a career out of gameplay scripting and world building.

Upcoming class: Adam Wilson, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Sphero

4,000,000 rolling robots! No, it’s not the plot of the latest Hollywood sci-fi thriller, but rather the spawn of Sphero, the visionary company that’s redefining play and sparking kids’ love of coding through robotics.

A Colorado native who grew up obsessed with all things robo, Adam leveraged a degree in Mathematics and Physics to work with NASA before starting Sphero.

Today, he serves as Sphero’s Chief Creative Officer, leading his team through the release of their newest bot, RVR. Get a glimpse into the inner workings of this passionate entrepreneur and discover what it takes to grow from startup to industry standout.

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