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  • iD Coding & Engineering Academy Held at American University

    Programming, App Development, & Robotics courses for Teens at American

iD Coding & Engineering Academy Held at American University

Important update: iD Coding & Engineering Academy will no longer be held at American for Summer 2016. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we encourage you to consider one of our other DC summer camp locations.

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iD Coding & Engineering Academy Program Details

Co-ed | 2 Weeks | Intensive, Pre-College | Coding, Apps, Robotics

At iD Coding & Engineering Academy, we offer 2-week sessions of intensive study in computer science programming. Increase your understanding of app development, and gain a competitive advantage for college and beyond. iD Coding & Engineering Academy is perfect for students with previous programming experience who are looking to take their coding skills to a new level. At our coding camp for teens, you’ll learn from elite faculty, build your portfolio, gain Industry Insights, meet new friends, and get a taste of the collegiate lifestyle.

  • Choose from coding camps, app development courses, robotics classes, and more, designed to prepare you for college and your dream career (View all courses at this location)
  • Learn from elite faculty in small, personalized classes of just 8 students or fewer, guaranteed
  • Gain Industry Insights
  • Show off your skills in our LAN gaming tournaments (after instructional time)
  • Graduate with experience using software repository systems
  • Receive an (optional) Official Transcript with Continuing Education Units
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About American University

Our Washington D.C. summer camps held at American attract the most politically active students - students who want to understand and influence how the world works. Our American University teen computer camps give students the opportunity to take in iD's challenging program while enjoying the culturally rich, collegiate atmosphere. iD Coding & Engineering Academy at American is perfect for high-school-aged students ages 13-18 who want to learn application development in an engaged, immersive atmosphere. As part of the full university experience, students will eat in the campus dining halls and sleep in real dorms. All meals are included.

Campus Info: Held at American University
Washington, DC 20016

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Testimonials from American University

  • "My son's enthusiasm for iPhone programming has significantly increased as a result of this program! I am very impressed with the quality of his overall experience and learning."
    - Rosemary S., Parent, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "Your home office and camp staff were great. It was very easy dealing with you all because you are so service/customer/student oriented. The cheerful and positive attitude goes a long way. Thanks!"
    - Gary S., Parent, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "The camp director seems like a super leader - he had a very positive personality. Thank you for providing such a fine influence on my son. The projects and opportunities for the kids to be creative and have fun were wonderful."
    - Leilani D., Parent, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "Overall, this was a terrific way to engage my teen who was totally psyched to attend, participate (not always the case), learn new skills and meet some real live teenagers just like himself. Thanks!"
    - Andrea C., Parent, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "My son had a great time at the iD Coding & Engineering Academy. He will surely return next summer. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"
    - Mitsuko P., Parent, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "Definitely a great program and one of the best I've been to. Within the first half day I was laughing and having tons of fun with everyone. I learned more about programming than I ever expected to in two weeks. The instructors knew exactly what they were teaching and they quickly answered every question I had. Just an overall great camp experience!"
    - Cody S., Student, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "This camp was the greatest experience of my life so far. I not only made new friends, had a ton of fun and enjoyed every minute of my instructor's knowledge, but I learned so much ... and I know I can use these skills for my future career. I would not trade this for anything in the world."
    - Dylan G., Student, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "I had lots of fun and learned many new things! I hope I can take this knowledge and apply it to many new things."
    - Alexander F., Student, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "This was a great camp! If you come with prior experience or even with no experience at all, you will have fun."
    - William B., Student, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy
  • "It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about C++ coding and building robotics."
    - Antigua J., Student, American iD Coding & Engineering Academy