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  • Summer Tech Camps Held at Macalester College

    Macalester camps for kids & teens

Computer Camps Held at Macalester College

In 1999, our independent family company set out to reinvent “camp” for the 21st century. Today, we’re the number #1 tech camp on the planet, with summer technology programs for kids and teens held at over 150 campuses nationwide. At Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, we offer co-ed iD Tech Camps for ages 7-17. Learn code, game design, app development, web design, film, photography, and more. Kick-start your dream job and gain a competitive edge for college!

At select locations, other co-ed options include intensive 2-week, pre-college iD Tech Academies for teens ages 13-18 and iD Tech Mini for ages 6-9. We also offer Alexa Café, an all-girls program for ages 10-15. Experience personalized learning with a maximum of 8 students per instructor, and use the best brand name products from industry leaders like Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, and Microsoft. Innovative courses. Your pace. Your internalDrive.

NEARLY SOLD OUT: Due to extremely high demand at Macalester College, most courses are sold out. If the course you want is sold out (see course grid below), we encourage you to consider one of our other summer camp locations.


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Registration for our Summer 2017 season opens November 1. Add to calendar.

iD Tech Camps Program Details

Co-Ed | Weeklong | Programming, Game Design, Apps, Robotics, Web Design, Film, Photography, and More

Our summer computer camps for kids, pre-teens, and teens are segmented by course and age. Teens will study, socialize and eat with other teens, but may be in the vicinity of younger students during lab time. Yes, we’re a tech camp, but we do not sit in front of digital devices all day. We provide a well-balanced, fun summer camp experience that is age-appropriate for kids, pre-teens, and teens. Imagine a small group learning environment where the curriculum is tailored to you. A place where you build critical 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in intimate clusters of just 8 students maximum per instructor, and collaborate with new friends.

You’ll gain confidence, explore a unique college campus, and get a taste of the collegiate experience. This isn’t just camp. It’s a portal to a fulfilling future, in college and beyond. Kids camps and teen camps encompass courses in programming with Java, C++, Python, Scratch, and more, app development with iPhone and Android, Minecraft, modding, FPS and RPG game design, robotics engineering with VEX and LEGO, 3D modeling & animation, filmmaking, photography, and web design. Course offerings vary by site. View courses at this location. Beginner or advanced, you'll get inspired by energetic, tech-savvy instructors. Do something big this summer!

Safety & Risk Management

About Macalester College

This is our 13th season hosting summer camps in the Minneapolis St. Paul area and our 7th season at Macalester College. We strike the right balance between off-computer activities (creative games, sports, life skills, etc.) and essential technology education to foster STEM skill development (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Our popular Macalester College summer day camps and overnight camps allow students to explore tech interests in a fun, yet challenging setting.

We are excited to be hosting our summer academic camps for kids and teens at Macalester College. Macalester is among the top ranking liberal arts colleges in the country, and provides an undergraduate education of uncompromising quality, characterized by academic excellence, international perspectives, a diverse academic community, and civic engagement as an integral part of learning and life.

Located at the intersection of historic Grand and Snelling Avenues in St. Paul, MN, our summer computer camp in the Twin Cities is a convenient 10 minutes from both downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis. Beyond its architecture and amenities, the neighborhood also earns superlatives for safety: the St. Paul Pioneer Press rated it one of the two safest in the metropolitan area. Come check out our summer day camps near Minneapolis as well as our awesome overnight camps and teen camps!

Campus Info: Held at Macalester College
St. Paul, MN 55105

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Macalester Facts

Nickname: The Scots

Founded: 1874

Schools at Macalester College: Liberal Arts College

Student Population: Macalester is a highly selective school, with a current admittance rate of 39%. This low rate has lead Macalester to be considered "Most Selective" by the U.S. News & World Report Rankings. For the class of 2012, 5,040 applications resulted in one of the lowest acceptance rates ever for the college.

Rankings: Among the 215 national liberal arts colleges listed in the latest U.S. News & World Report ranking, Macalester College is now ranked 24th (up one from their #25 ranking last year). Looking at the academic quality and the net cost of admittance for a student who receives the average level of need-based financial aid, Macalester was ranked 9th nationally in the category of "Great Schools, Great Prices" - making it the perfect academic summer camp location.

Athletics: Macalester's athletes, The Scots, are members of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). Macalester's football team has faced a tough road since its inception. The program was officially dissolved by the college in 1906, citing "thoroughly aroused to the evils, real or imaginary, of this game, the public is clamoring for the entire abolition or reform on this 'relic of barbarism.'" However, the team was reinstated in the early 1970s, only to ride a 50 game NCAA losing streak that lasted six years! Since 2002, the football team has competed independent of the MIAC due to poor performance.

Distinguished Alumni & Personnel: The list of the distinguished Macalester alumni and faculty includes: architect Cass Gilbert; political figure Kofi Annan; businessman and philanthropist DeWitt Wallace; writers Tim O'Brien and Wang Ping; musicians Bob Mould and Will Sheff; sculptor Anthony Caponi; talent agent Ari Emanuel; and actors Peter Berg and Carl Lumbly.

Testimonials from Macalester College

  • "I believe this is our seventh year at iD Tech Camps. My boys have always had an enjoyable time and learned a lot about computer programming and game design. The staff is knowledgeable and trustworthy, and I know the campus is a very safe environment for my boys. I recommend iD Tech Camps whenever possible!"
    - Ann F., Parent, Macalester College
  • "My boys said this was their favorite camp. They wished that school was like iD Tech Camps because then they would want to go every day!!"
    - Kathryn A., Parent, Macalester College
  • "Amazed by such involved, proactive, encouraging staff! That really makes the experience unique for each of these kids! I love the technical angle that is lacking in so many other camps!"
    - Kavita N., Parent, Macalester College
  • "I love how the staff continually honors the campers' greatness in a profoundly positive, fun, kid-accessible and downloadable way!"
    - Anne L., Parent, Macalester College
  • "The first day of camp, my son came home and said that he finally met kids that were like him. He's never been so excited about ANYTHING before. Thanks so much! You'll see him again for years to come!"
    - Gina K., Parent, Macalester College
  • "Totally awesome... I would definitely come back! Great educated teachers! Nothing is bad about this camp! Once again, AWESOME!!!!"
    - Charlie N., Student, Macalester College
  • "This camp was great! I was already experienced in robotics, and I was hoping that the whole week wouldn't be 'This is an NXT.' Fortunately, the counselor was understanding of my situation, and taught me things I didn't think possible. I would recommend this camp to my friends without hesitation."
    - Jonathan D., Student, Macalester College
  • "Incredibly good counselors, and always a ton of fun. iD Tech Camps is always the highlight of my year. I recommend the camp to everyone whenever I have the chance. Once again, amazing job on another incredible year!!!!!!"
    - Wesley S., Student, Macalester College
  • "I loved how the instructors used creativity and hands-on interactions to teach the curriculum!"
    - Graham J., Student, Macalester College
  • "Awesome! I had never used this software before, but by the end of the week I had made a complete game! That's so cool!"
    - Jonathan D., Student, Macalester College