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    Wesleyan camps for kids & teens

Computer Camps Held at Wesleyan University

Welcome to our 8th season hosting summer technology programs at Wesleyan University (home of the Cardinals)! In 1999, our family company set out to reinvent "camp" for the 21st century. Today, we’re #1 in summer tech education, with 150+ locations nationwide and an expansive lineup of courses in coding, game design, app development, web design, film, photography, and more.

At our Wesleyan camps, not far from charming downtown Middletown and the shores of the Connecticut River, kids and teens build valuable STEM skills in an inspiring, collegiate setting. Students experience personalized learning with a maximum of 8 students per instructor and use the best brand name products from industry leaders like Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, and Microsoft. Kick-start your dream job and gain a competitive edge for college!


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Registration for our Summer 2017 season opens November 1. Add to calendar.

iD Tech Camps Program Details

Co-Ed | Weeklong | Programming, Game Design, Apps, Robotics, Web Design, Film, Photography, and More

Our summer computer camps for kids, pre-teens, and teens are segmented by course and age. Teens will study, socialize and eat with other teens, but may be in the vicinity of younger students during lab time. Yes, we’re a tech camp, but we do not sit in front of digital devices all day. We provide a well-balanced, fun summer camp experience that is age-appropriate for kids, pre-teens, and teens. Imagine a small group learning environment where the curriculum is tailored to you. A place where you build critical 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in intimate clusters of just 8 students maximum per instructor, and collaborate with new friends.

You’ll gain confidence, explore a unique college campus, and get a taste of the collegiate experience. This isn’t just camp. It’s a portal to a fulfilling future, in college and beyond. Kids camps and teen camps encompass courses in programming with Java, C++, Python, Scratch, and more, app development with iPhone and Android, Minecraft, modding, FPS and RPG game design, robotics engineering with VEX and LEGO, 3D modeling & animation, filmmaking, photography, and web design. Course offerings vary by site. View courses at this location. Beginner or advanced, you'll get inspired by energetic, tech-savvy instructors. Do something big this summer!

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About Wesleyan University

At our Middletown, CT summer camps at our Wesleyan University location, we strike the right balance between off-computer activities (creative games, sports, life skills, etc.) and essential technology education to foster STEM skill development (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Our popular Wesleyan University summer day camps and overnight camps allow students to explore tech interests in a fun, yet challenging setting.

The Wesleyan campus is a 360-acre park-like setting and includes the famous High Street, once described by Charles Dickens as "the handsomest street in America." Wesleyan is home to many landmarks and notable buildings. Our Connecticut summer camps at Wesleyan encompass the University's Davison Art Center, which is a designated U.S. National Historic Landmark. The Art Center is known for its large collection including 18,000 prints, 6,000 photographs, several hundred drawings, and a small number of paintings. Also, the Center for Humanities is one of the oldest humanities institutes in the nation, established at Wesleyan in 1959 as a place for visiting humanities scholars to pursue research. We invite you to come see it for yourself!

Campus Info: Held at Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Wesleyan University Facts

Nickname: Cardinals

Founded: 1831

Colleges at Wesleyan University: College of Social Studies, College of Letters.

Student Population: Wesleyan University has over 2,500 undergraduates and over 150 postgraduates.

Rankings: Wesleyan has cemented itself as one of the most respected universities in the nation. Admissions become more and more selective each year, and as for the class of 2013, only 22% of the applicants were admitted. Newsweek magazine has described Wesleyan as one of a small group of historically, academically "elite" colleges and universities in the nation. It is also very important to note that according to a recent summary, 55.3% of Wesleyan's doctorates were earned by women.

Athletics: Wesleyan is a member of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). They currently field intercollegiate varsity teams in 29 different sports, giving nearly 700 student athletes the chance to compete against rivals like Amherst and Williams each year.

Distinguished Alumni & Personnel: Wesleyan alumni have achieved great success in many different fields, including a U.S. Supreme Court Justice; Presidential cabinet members and advisers; U.S. Senators, Congresspersons, and Governors; diplomats and other government figures; winners of the American Book Award, Edgar Award, Pulitzer Prize, Pushcart Prize, recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal; members of the National Academy of Sciences; Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Super Bowl winners. Astoundingly, Wesleyan alumni have founded or been president of over 50 colleges and universities throughout the world.

Testimonials from Wesleyan University

  • "Our son attends different camps all summer long - he has already said that this camp is his FAVORITE! He really looked forward to going to camp every day and shared his daily experiences with us as soon as he got home, talking about his teacher, his game and even his lunch. Thank you for a great experience - we'll be back!"
    - Barbara Jo C., Parent, Wesleyan University
  • "My son absolutely loved his class. When we picked him up at the end of the day he couldn't wait to get back to work on his game. He loved the instructors and my wife and I are thrilled with the experience he had. Thank you all."
    - John P., Parent, Wesleyan University
  • "My son had a lot of fun, made friends, received really good insight on C++ programming, and hopes to come back next year."
    - Siri A., Parent, Wesleyan University
  • "My children enjoyed the program. My son already has chosen what he wants to do next year when he wants to spend two weeks in computer camp."
    - Anca P., Parent, Wesleyan University
  • "It's a wonderful social experience, having like-minded students from all different backgrounds, able to come together with a common interest. Everyone was so supportive!"
    - Michelle B., Parent, Wesleyan University
  • "An absolutely unforgettable experience I will NEVER forget. Great instructors, camp director and technology... I deem iD Tech Camps the best camp EVER!"
    - Tristan P., Student, Wesleyan University
  • "I've had a great week at camp! I learned how to create a website from absolutely nothing but Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. My instructor helped me whenever I made a glitch. I would recommend this camp to any friend that is interested in Web Design and Flash Animation. I had a great week at iD Tech Camps!"
    - Spencer C., Student, Wesleyan University
  • "Everyone was really nice and fun. We all had a good time and no matter what when you attend, you will leave with learning something unique."
    - Tanner A., Student, Wesleyan University
  • "My teacher was very helpful and helped us program... without him I could not have finished my project."
    - Kryshan A., Student, Wesleyan University
  • "The instructors were very enthusiastic, which helped to establish a positive atmosphere."
    - Sameer B., Student, Wesleyan University