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  • Alexa Café Held at the University of Denver

    Summer programs for girls ages 10-15

All-Girls Camps Held at the University of Denver

In 1999, our independent family company set out to reinvent “camp” for the 21st century. Today, we’re the number #1 tech camp on the planet, with summer technology programs for kids and teens held at over 150 prestigious campuses nationwide. At the University of Denver, we offer Alexa Café, an all-girls learning experience for ages 10-15 emphasizing coding, web design, leadership, entrepreneurship, brand identity, and philanthropy. Creative ideas come to life around café tables in a fresh, inviting setting, as instructors mentor each student. Join the movement! Visit for more information.

Alexa Café Program Details

Ages 10-15 | All-Girls | Weeklong | Coding, Web Design, Visual Arts, Leadership, and More

You’re invited to a warm, inspiring environment where girls collaborate to better our world! At Alexa Café, you’ll tap into the power of coding, video game design, engineering, and more, exploring leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy along the way. Big ideas take shape around café tables, and meaningful projects come to life in just one week. reports that while over 50% of the U.S. population is female, women make up only 12% of computer science undergrads. Alexa Café—named after iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi—was designed to address this pervasive gender gap by providing a space that empowers girls to innovate and create change within STEM fields and beyond.

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About DU - Girls Program

We have chosen DU to host our Denver summer camps for girls because of the university’s reputation as a prestigious academic institution. Founded in 1864, DU is the oldest independent university in the Rocky Mountain region. The campus sits in a dynamic, cosmopolitan city close to pristine mountain wilderness, and the university is distinguished by its creative combination of liberal arts, professional programs, selectively focused graduate studies, and associated schools and centers.

The DU campus has a mixture of historic and modern buildings. With fountains and a meandering stream, the University Harper Humanities Gardens offer a gorgeous oasis in the heart of this 124-acre, tree-shaded campus. DU is often ranked in the top 50 private national universities by U.S. News & World Report. The campus is located just 8 miles south of downtown, 15 miles to the mountains and only 45 minutes from Denver International Airport, making it the perfect day camp and overnight camp location.

Girls attending Alexa Café held at DU can get immersed in coding, web design, brand identity, philanthropy and more, while enjoying the prestigious collegiate atmosphere and experiencing a taste of independence. Alexa Café held the University of Denver is perfect for girls ages 10-15 who want to learn creative STEM skills in a chic, collaborative setting. Come explore campus with us!

Campus Info: Alexa Café Held at DU
Denver, CO 80208

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Testimonials from University of Denver

  • “My daughter was very excited throughout the week; she was engaged and passionate about what she learned from start to finish.”
    - Daniel M., Parent, University of Denver
  • “Thank you for inspiring girls to create a positive impact using technology. You've helped humanize technology and demonstrate that it's within everyone's reach.”
    - Lesley C., Parent, University of Denver
  • “My daughter had a fantastic week. Every day, she came home raving about the great things she had done at camp. I really appreciated that it was focused not just on game programming and design, but on mentoring girls and showing them women role models who are pursuing education and careers in programming, engineering, math, and science. Go, Alexa Café!”
    - Angela B., Parent, University of Denver
  • “The energy of the staff contributed to a very positive experience for our daughter that we hope will launch her interest in technology.”
    - Dan W., Parent, University of Denver
  • “This has been a great confidence-booster and skills-development camp for our daughter. I especially like that it’s all-girls and that the instructors are women in the sciences providing role modeling and mentorship. This experience has given our daughter a great start in technology.”
    - Shea K., Parent, University of Denver
  • “Alexa Café was really fun and I learned so much; I discovered things about computers that I didn't know before. I made a lot of friends and had a great time.”
    - Elizabeth B., Student, University of Denver
  • “I loved how much individual attention I was able to get, it really helped with my learning of the skills. I had a blast!”
    - Paige S., Student, University of Denver
  • “Alexa Café is a great camp for girls to feel better about themselves because they can be confident about what they love. Usually when girls like programming, they don't want others to know about it because they’ll be made fun of, but here I feel like I can be confident in what I like without anybody judging me.”
    - Madeline G., Student, University of Denver
  • “I really enjoyed learning how to code. It made me realize that I really like this field and might pursue it as my job in the future.”
    - Marisa S., Student, University of Denver
  • “I absolutely loved my experience at Alexa Café. All the instructors were nice, energetic, and enthusiastic about the material they were teaching. Alexa Café is extraordinary!”
    - Ava E., Student, University of Denver