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  • Alexa Café: Spring Break Session

    Spring Break tech camps for girls ages 10-15

Spring Break Computer Camps for Girls Held at the San Jose Woman's Club

Alexa Café (All-Girls, Ages 10-15)

Alexa Café is no longer held at the San Jose Woman's Club. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we encourage you to consider one of our other Spring Break locations or summer camp locations.

Alexa Café Program Details

Ages 10-15 | All-Girls | Weeklong | Coding, Web Design, Visual Arts, Leadership, and More

You’re invited to a warm, inspiring environment where girls collaborate to better our world! At Alexa Café, you’ll tap into the power of coding, video game design, engineering, and more, exploring leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy along the way. Big ideas take shape around café tables, and meaningful projects come to life in just one week. reports that while over 50% of the U.S. population is female, women make up only 12% of computer science undergrads. Alexa Café—named after iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi—was designed to address this pervasive gender gap by providing a space that empowers girls to innovate and create change within STEM fields and beyond.

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About Girls Tech Camps Held at the San Jose Woman’s Club

Our Santa Clara tech camps for girls held at the San Jose Woman’s Club provide the perfect balance of fun and STEM learning during Spring Break! Girls attending Alexa Café at this location will build tech skills in a beautiful “Spanish Revival” style building and enjoy the vibrant surroundings of downtown San Jose. Founded in 1894, the San Jose Woman’s Club has a long history of community and dedication to topics of social importance. The club’s emphasis on volunteerism, health and wellness, and female collaboration makes it an ideal addition to the Alexa Café lineup. Join us and discover the intersection of tech, leadership, philanthropy, and more this Spring Break! View all Bay Area Spring Break camps.

Campus Info: Held at the San Jose Woman's Club
San Jose, CA 95112

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.