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    SCU summer programs for kids & teens

Computer Camps Held at Santa Clara University

In 1999, our independent family company set out to reinvent “camp” for the 21st century. Today, we’re the number #1 tech camp on the planet, with summer technology programs for kids and teens held at over 100 campuses nationwide. At Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA, we offer co-ed iD Tech Camps for ages 7-17. Learn code, game design, app development, web design, film, photography, and more. Kick-start your dream job and gain a competitive edge for college!


At select locations, other co-ed options include intensive 2-week, pre-college iD Tech Academies for teens ages 13-18 and iD Tech Mini for ages 6-9. We also offer Alexa Café, an all-girls program for ages 10-15. Experience personalized learning with a maximum of 8 students per instructor, and use the best brand name products from industry leaders like Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk®, Google, and Microsoft®. Innovative courses. Your pace. Your internalDrive.

Please note: This is a day-only program. Overnight stays are not available at this location.

Enrollment for our 2016 summer camp season begins on November 1, 2015. Download our 2015 brochure to join our mailing list and receive a reminder once registration is live.

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Summer 2015 Courses & Dates

iD Tech Camps Program Details

Co-Ed | Weeklong | Programming, Game Design, Apps, Robotics, Web Design, Film, Photography, and More

Our summer computer camps for kids, pre-teens, and teens are segmented by course and age. Teens will study, socialize and eat with other teens, but may be in the vicinity of younger students during lab time. Yes, we’re a tech camp, but we do not sit in front of digital devices all day. We provide a well-balanced, fun summer camp experience that is age-appropriate for kids, pre-teens, and teens. Imagine a small group learning environment where the curriculum is tailored to you. A place where you build critical 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in intimate clusters of just 8 students maximum per instructor, and collaborate with new friends.

You’ll gain confidence, explore a unique college campus, and get a taste of the collegiate experience. This isn’t just camp. It’s a portal to a fulfilling future, in college and beyond. Kids camps and teen camps encompass courses in programming with Java™, C++, Python™, Scratch, and more, app development with iPhone® and Android™, Minecraft, modding, FPS and RPG game design, robotics engineering with VEX® and LEGO®, 3D modeling & animation, filmmaking, photography, and web design. Course offerings vary by site. View courses at this location. Beginner or advanced, you'll get inspired by energetic, tech-savvy instructors. Do something big this summer!

Safety & Risk Management

About SCU

This is our 17th season hosting summer camps at our Santa Clara University location in Silicon Valley, CA. We strike the right balance between off-computer activities (creative games, sports, life skills, etc.) and essential technology education to foster STEM skill development (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Our popular SCU summer camps are among a handful of elite CA summer camps in the South Bay accredited by the American Camp Association.

We have chosen Santa Clara University to host our summer kids computer camps and teen camps in the South Bay because of SCU's beauty, outstanding reputation and commitment to rigorous curriculum in the arts, sciences, business and engineering.

Founded in 1851, SCU is California's oldest institution of higher learning. The campus lies on "The Alameda," a famous stretch of road that connected Northern California to Southern California, and beyond. SCU was one of the very first iD Tech Camps locations, hosting our Santa Clara, CA computer camps as early as 1999. This SCU Silicon Valley computer camp is a campus oasis in the midst of the bustling South Bay, boasting Spanish-style architecture and beautifully sculpted rose gardens and lawns. Convenient to Downtown San Jose, Santa Clara and the rest of the Silicon Valley area, SCU is the perfect summer day camp location.

If you are considering flying in to this location, the San Jose International airport is just minutes away. Also, there is a Cal Train stop directly across the street from the university. Come check out our summer camps!

Campus Info: Held at SCU
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Santa Clara University Facts

Nickname: The Broncos

Founded: 1851

Schools at SCU: There are six different schools at Santa Clara University: College of Arts & Sciences, Leavey School of Business, School of Engineering, Jesuit School of Theology, School of Law, and finally the School of Education, Counseling, Psychology & Pastoral Ministries.

Student Population: SCU has over 8,000 total students comprised of 5,000 undergraduates and over 3,000 postgraduates. The campus is a suburban oasis in the heart of Silicon Valley, making it the perfect location for our summer day camps for kids and teens.

Rankings: On the West Coast, SCU consistently ranks second in master's universities according to U. S. News & World Report. The U.S. News & World Report also ranks part-time MBA programs, and SCU ranks 13th and its executive MBA program 19th in the nation. The Leavey School of Business was ranked 27th in the nation by Business Week. According to, undergraduate alumni of SCU have a mid-career median salary of $111,000, making it the 20th highest among colleges and universities in the U.S.A.

Athletics: Santa Clara University excels in soccer and volleyball, consistently ranking among the top twenty teams nationally. The men's soccer team has reached the championship match of the College Cup three times. The 1992-1993 SCU men's basketball team (led by future NBA MVP Steve Nash) was one of four #15 seeds to defeat a #2 seed in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. The president of iD Tech Camps can often be found at Bronco games rooting on the basketball team.

Testimonials from SCU

What Parents Are Saying

"A very friendly, approachable staff and overall program. Very suitable for the Silicon Valley culture without being too aggressive." -John S., Parent, Santa Clara University

"My daughter had a great time here and is coming away with a new love for robotics and teamwork. Thanks for making the experience fun and interesting for her." -Sowmya R., Parent, Santa Clara University

"My son was extremely excited throughout the camp week. He was actually excited to learn how to program in C++ and wouldn't stop coding even after reaching home." -Milind K., Parent, Santa Clara University

"My son had a very positive and learning experience at this iD Tech Camps. He learned new concepts and renewed his interest in computer programming. I am quite pleased with the highly enthusiastic staff and their ability to motivate the kids in this area." -Mahesh V., Parent, Santa Clara University

"I am very impressed. My son enjoyed himself and learned quite a bit. Being in the computer industry, it makes me happy to see such a well-constructed class and enthusiastic young teachers interact with your teens." -Irma P., Parent, Santa Clara University

What Campers Are Saying

"It was great fun learning programming at iD Tech Camps. The teachers were well informed about the subjects. I am very pleased with the program because I am now comfortable with C++ programming. Thank you so much!" -Naoki T., Student, Santa Clara University

"iD Tech Camps was great! My week at camp helped me learn and gave me a positive and comfortable place to get into something I am interested in. Can't wait for next year!" -Danielle A., Student, Santa Clara University

"Camp was great and I really learned a lot about web design and flash animation. When I needed help, I received help. I love coming to iD Tech Camps and I hope to return next year!" -Sunyoung P., Student, Santa Clara University

"My caring and kind instructor directed me through the course of my amazing week at iD Tech Camps. I learned things such as Flash Animation and how to use Photoshop. When I asked for help, my instructor always patiently explained the solution. He seemed to know everything there was to know about the programs we used. After one week at one of the best camps I have ever been to, my very own website turned out to be even better than I thought!" -David H., Student, Santa Clara University

"My experience with iD Tech Camps was fun, memorable and educational. I am definitely returning next year." -Nicholas B., Student, Santa Clara University

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