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  • Alexa Café Held at Marymount High School

    Summer programs for girls ages 10-15

All-Girls Camps Held at Marymount High School

In 1999, our independent family company set out to reinvent “camp” for the 21st century. Today, we’re the number #1 tech camp on the planet, with summer technology programs for kids and teens held at over 150 prestigious campuses nationwide. At Marymount High School in Los Angeles, CA, we offer Alexa Café, an all-girls learning experience for ages 10-15 emphasizing creative coding, web design, leadership, entrepreneurship, brand identity, and philanthropy. Ideas come to life around café tables and atop beanbags. Our instructors mentor each student. Alexa Café isn’t just a summer program for girls. It’s a movement!

Co-ed options at other campuses include iD Tech Camps for ages 7-17, iD Tech Academies for teens ages 13-18, and iD Tech Mini for ages 6-9. We guarantee a maximum of 8 students per instructor for personalized learning, and use the best brand name products from industry leaders like Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, and Microsoft. Innovative courses. Your pace. Your internalDrive.

Please note: All students attending Alexa Café at Marymount High School will study on campus, but will be housed at UCLA.

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Registration for our Summer 2017 season opens November 1. Add to calendar.

Alexa Café Program Details

Ages 10-15 | All-Girls | Weeklong | Coding, Web Design, Visual Arts, Leadership, and More

Alexa Café, named after iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi, was designed with girls ages 10-15 in mind. While all iD Tech programs are great for girls, we acknowledge the pervasive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) gender gap, and seek to remedy it with a chic, collaborative learning environment focused on girls. The Café emphasizes leadership, entrepreneurship, brand identity, and philanthropy, with STEM subjects creatively woven into the curriculum. Alexa Café encompasses coding camps, game design courses, filmmaking classes, web design courses, and photography camps. View all courses at this location. reports that while over 50% of the U.S. population is female, women make up only 12% of Computer Science undergrads. Similarly, women comprise nearly half of the U.S. labor force, but hold only 4.6% of top leadership positions (according to Many girls are missing out on future STEM careers and big opportunities to innovate and create change. Alexa Café is not about special treatment for girls. It’s about fostering leadership and tech skills in a fresh setting that’s unlike anything else.

Safety & Risk Management

About Marymount High School - Girls Program

We have chosen Marymount High School to host our LA summer camps for girls because of its academic prestige and commitment to social justice and community service. Founded in 1923, this independent all-girls school offers a wide range of college-prep courses, AP classes, and numerous electives and co-curricular activities including sports, choir, drama, band, visual arts, and student government. Approximately 400 girls, referred to as the "Sailors," are enrolled at the school and are required to engage in a minimum of 100 hours of community service before graduation. Marymount High School is located in the Holmby Hills/Bel Air area of LA, across the street from the UCLA campus. The school's administration building, chapel, and auditorium are officially listed as Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments. Come explore campus with us!

Campus Info: Held at Marymount High School
Los Angeles, CA 90077

Please note: Map and campus details are for general information only. Once you enroll, you will have access to our specific location on campus.

Testimonials from Marymount High School

  • “The instructors sparked my daughter’s curiosity and taught her about technology, all within a fun and safe learning environment.”
    - Mark M., Parent, Marymount High School
  • “Very caring staff who truly have the student's best interest always in mind.”
    - John M., Parent, Marymount High School
  • “Everything from the bright young women running the show to the inspiring themes exceeded my expectations. This is a quality camp I would highly recommend!”
    - Mary R., Parent, Marymount High School
  • “I am so impressed with Alexa Café! The counselors are friendly and supportive and the camp was a wonderful environment for my daughter. We will be back!”
    - Joanna S., Parent, Marymount High School
  • “Thank you for such a great week! My daughter's time with Alexa Café has been the highlight of her summer. Thank you for the personal touches; she will definitely remember this experience for a long time!”
    - Dee Y., Parent, Marymount High School
  • “Alexa Café is amazing! I can't wait to come back again.”
    - Brooke Y., Student, Marymount High School
  • “Alexa Café was a great experience. The instructors were all very nice and supportive. This camp made me feel more empowered as a girl. Most of the girls were quite supportive and would help me if I had a problem; they would compliment my work when I was second-guessing myself. I would rate Alexa Café A+.”
    - Anna K., Student, Marymount High School
  • “All the teachers are great at their jobs and they really teach you a lot. I learned more this summer than I have in any other summer! The environment is great for learning. Thank you Alexa Café.”
    - Abigail S., Student, Marymount High School
  • “Alexa Café was the best experience of my LIFE.”
    - Nadia A., Student, Marymount High School
  • “Alexa Café is so amazing, because it's probably, as a girl, the most accommodating tech camp you can ever go to. The small classes give you a lot of one-on-one time, the instructors are very experienced, and it’s super fun!”
    - Katherine S., Student, Marymount High School