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  • Master Minecraft Game Designer

    iD Tech Mini Course | Ages 8-9

Master Minecraft Game Designer

Game Design Summer Day Camp for Kids

iD Tech Mini
8-9 (Must turn 8 by 12-31-16)
Skill Level
Beg - Adv
Ratio Guarantee
8 students per instructor

Course Description

Learn level design with Minecraft! Program teleporters and boost your stats with command blocks, then customize your world with resource packs you design yourself. The possibilities are endless!

Students in this class are taught the basics of level creation through gameplay. However, rather than just "playing" Minecraft, students learn to think critically about storytelling and player engagement. Minecraft teaches spatial reasoning and engineering principles, and is also known to assist in improving hand-eye coordination. With guided instruction, students can move beyond simple gameplay and discover fundamental game programming concepts such as Redstone levers and command blocks.

What Will Students Take Home?

Each camper will take home their Minecraft saves and resource pack folder.

What Will Students Learn?

Top Skills Gained

Conceptual Skills Development

  • Basic 3D design
  • World building concepts
  • Custom resource packs
  • Command block programming
  • Redstone levers

Software & Hardware Skills Development

  • Minecraft

STEM & 21st Century Skills Development

  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Adapting to new challenges

Skill Level | Is This Game Design Course Appropriate for My Student?

This game design course is ideal for kids who enjoy gaming, storytelling, and creating. Projects can be easily tackled solo or collaboratively, introducing kids to STEM principles that set the foundation for bright futures in computer science , game design, engineering, and math. Early exposure to STEM subjects such as game design, even at rudimentary levels, leads to improved comprehension and increased enthusiasm. Students will thrive in an exploratory environment, without the pressure of assignments or tests. We also incorporate a common-sense balance of high-energy, outdoor activities!

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Where Is This Course Offered?

  • California - Northern
    • iD Tech Mini

      Day Camp: Ages 6-9

      Alexa Cafe

      Day Camp: Ages 10-15

      Nearby Airports

      NOTE: We do NOT do airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

      SAN JOSE: SJC (16 miles, 25 mins by car, 1 hr public transit)

      SAN FRANCISCO: SFO (22 miles, 30 mins by car, 1 hr 15 mins public transit)

      OAKLAND: OAK (30 miles, 45 mins by car)

      Palo Alto, CA
  • California - Southern
    • iD Tech Mini

      Day Camp: Ages 6-9

      Nearby Airports

      NOTE: We do NOT do airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

      BURBANK: BUR (17 miles, 30 mins by car, 2 hr public transit)

      Pasadena, CA
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      Day Camp: Ages 7-17

      Overnight Camp: Ages 10-17

      iD Tech Mini

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      Nearby Airports

      NOTE: We do NOT do airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

      SAN DIEGO: SAN (14 miles, 20 mins by car, 1 hr 10 mins public transit)

      La Jolla, CA
    • iD Tech Mini

      Day Camp: Ages 6-9

      Nearby Airports

      NOTE: We do NOT do airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

      SANTA ANA: SNA (5 miles, 17 mins by car, 1 hr public transit)

      Irvine, CA
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
    • iD Tech Mini

      Day Camp: Ages 6-9

      Nearby Airports

      NOTE: We do NOT do airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

      NEW YORK: LGA (8 miles, 17 mins by car, 1 hr public transit)

      NEW YORK: JFK (18 miles, 30 mins by car, 1 hr 30 min public transit)

      New York City Area, NY
  • Washington
    • iD Tech Mini

      Day Camp: Ages 6-9

      Nearby Airports

      NOTE: We do NOT do airport pick-ups or drop-offs.

      SEATTLE: SEA (21 miles, 30 mins by car, 1 hr 30 mins public transit)

      Bellevue, WA

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Hours & Tuition

Half Day AM

Ages: 6-9
Check-In: 8-8:30am Mon-Fri
Pick-Up: 12-12:30pm Mon-Thurs, 12pm Fri
Tuition: From $399-479/week USD. All taxes included.

Half Day PM

Ages: 6-9
Check-In: 1-1:30pm Mon-Fri
Pick-Up: 5-5:30pm Mon-Thurs, 5pm Fri
Tuition: From $399-459/week USD. All taxes included.

Full Day

Ages: 6-9
Check-In: 8-8:30am Mon-Fri
Pick-Up: 5-5:30pm Mon-Thurs, 5pm Fri
Tuition: From $798-958/week USD. All taxes included.

Please note: In addition to the prices listed above, there will be a one-time Safety & Compliance Fee of $20 per student per year. Students attending a Full Day session must bring a bag lunch.

Your Tuition Includes:

  • 8:1 student-to-instructor ratio guarantee
  • Diploma with instructor insights
  • Course activity files
  • Custom iD Tech Mini T-shirt
  • H2O bottle
  • Gameplay
  • Outdoor activities
  • Software specials (most courses)
  • New skills and self-confidence

Optional Add-ons

Tech Rocket

Add $179 (annual subscription)

Tech Rocket is the #1 online learning destination for kids and teens. Aspiring app programmer? Indie game developer? Graphic artist? You got this! Level up your tech skills and build community with thousands of other students. With gaming tournaments, safe, collaborative forums, a massive Minecraft server, and an arcade, Tech Rocket makes learning fun all year long. It’s the perfect complement to our summer programs!

Sample Day

8-8:30am: Half Day AM campers and Full Day campers check in during Flex Time. Campers participate in ice breaker activities and Tech Coordinator leads optional Lab Tours for parents.

8:30am: Split into course groups and let the tech innovation begin with instruction and Maker Station rotations! At our Maker Station, campers experience hands-on learning with cool tech gadgets and toys. Breaks are taken at the discretion of each instructor. Younger students will take more frequent breaks.

10am: Recess time! Enjoy a snack brought from home!

10:30: Resume instruction and Maker Station rotations.

12-12:30pm: AM campers check out while Full Day campers enjoy gaming time (including Minecraft)!

12:30: Full Day campers eat lunch. Please note that Full Day students are required to bring a bagged lunch.

1-1:30pm: Activity time for Full Day campers and check-in time for Half Day PM campers.

1:30pm: Head to the labs. Let's create!

3pm: Recess and snack time!

3:30pm: Half Day PM and Full Day students head back to the labs for instruction and Maker Station rotations for hands-on learning with cool tech gadgets and toys!

5-5:30pm: Pick-up time for Half Day PM and Full Day campers.


Discover what sets our teaching style apart.

8:1 Staff Ratio Guarantee

We guarantee small class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students per instructor. At iD Tech Mini, our teaching philosophy is premised on personalization—your path, at your pace. Passionate, adult-only instructors guide you through tailored curriculum with one-on-one teaching. The immersive environment is ideal for fostering creativity and allowing you to reach your potential. Read more about our 8:1 iD Guarantee.

All-Adult Staff

Our entire staff is comprised of adults ages 18 and over. We do not hire Counselors-in-Training (CITs) at our summer technology camps. We believe you learn best from adults who have mastered their technology skills. Some of our instructors are tech industry professionals. Others are graduate and undergraduate students majoring in the fields of Computer Science, Web Design, Computer Engineering, App Design, Film, and other related fields. We’re extremely selective when it comes to our summer staff.

Maker Station & Other Activities

There’s no better place to learn engineering principles, spatial reasoning, programming concepts, and problem solving skills than at the iD Tech Mini Maker Station! During fun, supervised breaks, campers will explore a diverse collection of both high-tech and low-tech gadgets and leading tech toys including the GoldieBlox Dunk Tank Construction Set, ThinkFun Robot Turtles, Roominate Chateau with electrical elements, MakeyMakey Invention Kit, and littleBits Electronics. Playtime has never been more fun! Additionally, students can expect a common-sense mix of instruction, breaks, social time, outdoor play, optional sports, video games, and other creative techtivities.


Game Design Camp Reviews & Testimonials

  • “This camp did a good job of balancing camp-type activities (games, friend-making, etc.) along with the Minecraft skill-building. Drop-off and pick-up were exceptional, timely, and efficient.”
    - Andy N., Parent, Master Minecraft Game Designer
  • “My son loves Minecraft and it was wonderful that he was able to learn some new things in a fun environment. He said his teacher was ‘really good!’”
    - Wende H., Parent, Master Minecraft Game Designer
  • “This summer camp helped my daughter to become more comfortable with Minecraft design. Now she can share and play with her brother. Thank you!”
    - Isabelle T., Parent, Master Minecraft Game Designer
  • “My son loved the class. He’s always loved Minecraft and was excited to add a whole new depth to it.”
    - Vera S., Parent, Master Minecraft Game Designer
  • “I was so glad to see more than just a few girls in my daughter's Minecraft class; she didn't feel like an outsider. Nice work!”
    - Amanda R., Parent, Master Minecraft Game Designer
  • “Loved the fun the instructors had with the kids. They made sure everyone had the right level of interaction and support.”
    - Lily M., Parent, Master Minecraft Game Designer