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The Impact of Alexa Café

Gender parity in technology has been at the heart of iD Tech since 1999 when Kathryn Ingram and Alexa Ingram-Cauchi (mother and daughter) founded our company. From the start, it has been our mission to run inspiring tech camps that are inclusive of all genders and backgrounds. When it comes to staffing, over half of our tech-savvy summer crew is female, as is over 60% of our year-round workforce.

Despite our company's personal values, the fact remains that women make up only 12% of today's Computer Science undergrads. Well aware of this persistent gender gap, we took our quest for gender equality a step further with the 2014 launch of Alexa Café, our all-girls technology camp. Since its debut, Alexa Café has expanded to become the nation's leading—and largest—summer tech camp for girls, with 14 locations nationwide. View the video above to learn more about the growing impact of Alexa Café and how our program empowers girls to dream—and achieve—BIG in the tech world.

Why Alexa Café?

Alexa Café, named after iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi, was designed with girls ages 10-15 in mind. While all iD Tech programs are great for girls, we acknowledge the pervasive STEM gender gap and seek to remedy it with a unique, collaborative learning environment focused on the advancement and achievements of girls and women in tech. The Café emphasizes leadership, entrepreneurship, brand identity, and social activism, with STEM subjects creatively woven into the curriculum.

Due to the gender gap, many girls are missing out on future STEM careers and big opportunities to innovate and create change. Alexa Café is not about special treatment for girls. It's about fostering leadership and tech skills in a progressive, new way. Click here for full program details.

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The Alexa Café experience is unlike anything else. Collaboration takes place in small, close-knit clusters. BIG ideas come to life around café tables. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship, leadership, brand identity, and social activism, girls build tech skills in a unique, stylish setting, alongside tech-savvy mentors.

Our all-girls summer camp features weeklong day and overnight sessions, personalized instruction, and a maximum of just 8 students per instructor. Whether students wish to create sleek webpages, design video games, or learn to code creatively, technology shouldn’t be intimidating or uninspired. In the right environment, it’s cool. Meaningful. Life-changing. Join the movement and discover how tech can make the world a better place!