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For Your Up-and-Coming Coder

Coding courses are perfect for analytically-minded kids and teens with natural curiosity and a knack for problem-solving, critical thinking, and organization. Not sure if programming is right for your child? Rest assured that these skills can be nurtured in students of every background and skill level!

For Your Ground-Breaking Game Developer

Game design and development courses are ideal for imaginative, adventure-loving kids and teens who appreciate the art of storytelling through tv shows, books, movies, and—of course—video games.

For Your Dazzling Designer

If your child has been blessed with an eye for style and an appreciation for all things artistic, they’re ready to unleash their creative visions as a digital designer. Their impressive art, photography, or video production portfolio starts here!

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Our courses are an investment in your child’s future.

In a world with 3.5 million open STEM jobs, tech skills like coding, game dev, and design are a must. When you give the gift of iD Tech, you boost your child’s prospects for college, internships, and lucrative future careers!

The best experience can spark a lifelong journey.

9 out of 10 iD alumni go on to major in STEM at a four-year college. Coincidence? No way! From our inspiring campus locations and world-class instructors to our partnerships with icons like Adobe, Roblox, Unreal, Unity, Autodesk, and more, our programs are designed to make kids fall in love with tech!

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