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  • Code. Game Design. Fun!

    When learning is fun, you can’t be stopped.

Code. Game Design. Fun!

Somewhere along the line, the message of “fun + learning” got lost. With standardized tests, hours of homework, and overcrowded classrooms, it’s no wonder. We applaud the thousands of teachers across the globe who “bring it” every day—but too often, the concept of learning translates to “boring,” “monotonous,” and “uninspired.” That needs to change.

At iD Tech, whether in the labs or outdoors, the word “fun” is something we take seriously. We know you learn code, game design, robotics, and everything else more effectively when you are engaged, having a great time, and learning from cool people who love what they do. We are dedicated to recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating, and empowering the strongest team of instructors possible.

A common-sense balance of indoor/outdoor time is key. Summer afternoons are perfect for a game of Frisbee or Capture-the-Flag, or a chance for “slow time” on the campus lawn with a board game or group activity. We might search for cool hangout spots on campus, or visit the campus food court to purchase a snack. Those attending our sleep away camps and academies can take part in extra activities like gaming tournaments, casino nights, or dance parties. The possibilities are many, but one thing is certain—we’ll have fun.

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