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  • Engineering Camps for Kids & Teens

    Courses with Arduino, VEX, and more

Engineering Summer Camps | iD Tech


  • Engineering Camps for Kids & Teens

    Engineering is one of the four big players when it comes to STEM, making our engineering camps some of the most popular at campus locations nationwide. At iD Tech, kids and teens work with the latest and greatest products from Arduino, LEGO, VEX, and more, to program robots and experiment with electrical engineering. Beginner or advanced, students thrive in clusters of just 8 students per instructor and build skills at their own pace.


    but_findoutmore 3D Printing & Engineering With Autodesk & Dremel
    iD Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 13-17 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmore Robotics Engineering & Coding With VEX
    iD Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 13-17 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmoreElectrical Engineering & Coding 101
    iD Tech Camps | Weeklong | Ages 13-17 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmoreRobotics Engineering & Coding Lab
    iD Coding & Engineering Academy | 2-week | Ages 13-18 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmoreElectrical Engineering & Coding Lab
    iD Coding & Engineering Academy | 2-week | Ages 13-18 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmoreEngineer Shop — Coding & Wearable Tech With LilyPad Arduino
    Alexa Café | Weeklong | Ages 10-15 | Beg – Int


    but_findoutmoreRoboBuilders: Robotics for Ages 6-7
    iD Tech Mini | Weeklong | Ages 6-7 | Beg – Int


    but_findoutmoreRoboBuilders: Robotics for Ages 8-9
    iD Tech Mini | Weeklong | Ages 8-9 | Beg – Adv


    but_findoutmoreMakerStation: Invention Lab for Ages 6-7
    iD Tech Mini | Weeklong | Ages 6-7 | Beg – Int


    but_findoutmoreMakerStation: Invention Lab for Ages 8-9
    iD Tech Mini | Weeklong | Ages 8-9 | Beg – Adv


    The iD Guarantee

    Our Engineering summer course teaching philosophy is premised on personalization—your path, at your pace. It’s why we guarantee just 8 students per instructor, with courses led by passionate, adult-only summer staff. The hands-on, high-energy environment is ideal for fostering creativity and allowing you to reach your learning potential. Learn more about our 8:1 iD Guarantee.


    If you have additional questions about our Engineering camps for kids and teens, please give our Camp Specialists a call at 1-888-709-8324, or email

  • What Is Engineering?

    Engineering is a multi-dimensional field encompassing electrical engineering, robotics engineering, software engineering, hardware engineering, and much, much more! Once you lay the groundwork at iD Tech, you’ll be on your way to pursuing whatever aspect of engineering fascinates you the most, whether it’s one of the fields below, or another related field like environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, or aerospace engineering. Check out some of the most popular careers in engineering:

    Electrical Engineer

    Electrical engineers design, develop, and oversee all aspects of the operation of the equipment, machines, and systems involved in electricity production. Electricity is a vital part of a community’s basic infrastructure and helps to run businesses and schools, bring heat to homes, power water filtration, and much more. Electrical engineers help their communities by ensuring people have access to the power they need to go about their daily activities. This career may involve developing electrical grids for cities or planning and designing power stations.

    Robotics Engineer

    Some robotics engineers design robots to perform certain duties that humans can not efficiently or safely do, or do not wish to do (eg. sorting recycling products or assembling thousands of tiny parts in a factory). Other robotics engineers focus more on the fun of inventing robotic toys, games, and attractions for recreational, educational, or entertainment purposes (eg. remote control race cars, amusement park attractions, or life-like, moving dinosaur replicas for film sets). Robotics engineers are also responsible for creating robots to explore regions where humans cannot easily visit, such as faraway planets or the deepest parts of the ocean. This line of work is very open ended, leaving plenty of room for creativity and innovation. There is also great potential to make peoples’ lives easier.

    Software Engineer

    Software engineers (also known as software developers) are the creative minds behind the programs that run everything from your smartphone, to your television, to your touch screen car stereo, to your favorite gaming system. Some software engineers create the applications that let people to complete specific tasks on a computer or device, while others are responsible for developing the behind-the-scenes systems that run the devices themselves. This career is ideal for those who enjoy problem solving (eg. fixing “bugs”), working with computers, and continually refining their work to improve quality and efficiency for users.

    Hardware Engineer

    Hardware engineers work on the physical components of computers, including things like processors, circuit boards, memory storage devices, and internet routers. Those in this field work closely with software engineers to design more energy efficient devices, build faster, safer networks, and ensure personal computers and devices are strong and durable for day-to-day use by customers. Hardware engineers may also utilize basic computer programming in order to test computer code.

  • Engineering Camp Success Stories

    iD Tech alumni are going on to accomplish BIG things in the world of Engineering. It starts here!

    • MARC

      16-year-old builds app for UC Berkeley Civil Engineering Professor.

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      Louis-Henri landed a college internship with the Engineering & Physics department.

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  • Engineering Resources

    Want to pursue a career in Engineering? Check out the following resources and kick-start your journey to your dream job!


    • Click here to download 10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Robotics Engineer.
    • Click here to download 10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Software Engineer.

    Engineering Product Specials

    • Click here for discounts on Arduino Inventor’s Kit by SparkFun Electronics, LEGO Education WeDo, LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 and NXT, LilyPad Design Kit by SparkFun Electronics, Roominate, VEX Robotics Design System, and more! Exclusive for iD Tech students and alumni.

    Learn More About Engineering Software & Hardware Used At iD Tech