10-week Semesters featuring Dude Perfect

This fall, your child can gain exclusive insights from the stars of their favorite YouTube channel while boosting their portfolio with official iD Certification.


10-week Semesters with insights from Dude Perfect

Taking cues from Dude Perfect, the #1 sports channel on YouTube with over 56 million subscribers and 14 billion views, your kids will meet weekly to hone their video editing skills, discover what it takes to build their own successful YouTube channel, and unlock their creative genius.

Space is limited, and these courses will fill up FAST.

Creative: Video Editing with Dude Perfect

10-week Semesters course for ages 10-12

Includes live iD Tech instructor

Students will dive into video editing fundamentals, getting hands-on with real footage from the Dude Perfect YouTube channel. Equipped with new skills, they'll craft raw moments into memorable masterpieces that engage their audience.

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Creative: Video Editing and Effects with Dude Perfect

10-week Semesters course for ages 13-17

Includes live iD Tech instructor

Working with actual footage from Dude Perfect, students will establish and level up their video editing skills! As they hone their editing and timing chops, they'll work toward making a video that's on par with those of a professional YouTuber.

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Sample schedule

Curriculum varies by course and may be adjusted according to students' skill levels and unique learning needs.

Weeks 1-2: Setting the stage
To kick off the week, we dive into the elements of awe-inspiring trick shots, focusing on the vital role of video editing! Equipped with an understanding of camera angles, placement, and sightlines, we ensure that epic moments never fall flat.

Weeks 3-4: Telling the story
Trick shot videos capture an entire story in just a few seconds. By choosing the most powerful moments to showcase, we convey hope, excitement, perseverance, and more, pulling in our viewers and eliciting an emotional response.

Weeks 5-6: Measuring the moments
Timing is everything! By fine-tuning the pacing of our edits, incorporating music, and adding strategically-placed sound effects, we set the tempo for the action to unfold with maximum impact.

Weeks 7-8: Making magic
Whether we want to create fire trails and smoke, add fun text, or make specific elements light up, there are countless ways to make our videos pop with special effects. Go big or go... subtle. Let’s experiment!

Weeks 9-10: Polishing to perfection
It's time for the finishing touches! Incorporating feedback is the final step in perfecting the edit. Swap notes with friends, then prepare for the big debut during Family Wrap-Up.

Upon completion of each 10-week session, your child will earn official iD Certification to boost their portfolio.

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