Coding: Java

Small-group online learning led by an elite tech rockstar. Meet once a week for 10 weeks, and earn your official iD Certification!

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$649 per 10-week session
13 - 17 (Must turn 13 by start of first class)
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Small Group Semesters | 1 lesson per week for 10 weeks
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Coding: Java

Used by over 5 billion devices, Java is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages. From the basics of programming (used for the AP exam since 2004!) to building complex systems, Java is a great way to delve into coding and computer science. 

You will start by completing coding challenges to strengthen your understanding of new concepts. Next, you’ll explore game programming with Processing, learning about 2D movement and collisions, then you’ll code apps with user input and feedback at their core. As you progress, you’ll realize you don’t need to wait until after high school to get a college education. Stick it out with Java, and you’ll build programs that utilize advanced sorting and searching algorithms creating projects that will impress colleges and future colleagues alike. 

With Java, it’s about more than just learning the basics. You can expand your skillset endlessly and prepare for your dream career before you even graduate high school.

Online Course Requirements:
-Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebook only
-Coding environment is online
-Stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing
Prerequisite: Previous semesters or equivalent experience
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In this course, you will:

  • Code projects in Java
  • Use arrays, loops, and if statements
  • Identify variables, data types, classes, and constructors
  • Solve programming challenges with logic and code skills

Your tuition includes:

  • iD Certified Instructor
  • 60 minutes of live learning once a week
  • Free Thursday Office Hours
  • iD Small Class Guarantee™ (average of 5 students)
  • Official iD Certification
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Learn from an elite tech rockstar

Passion for tech. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings out the absolute best in your child. With 22+ years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. That's why we recruit the same carefully-vetted talent sought by companies like Google, EA, and Disney. They hire who we hire.
  • Recruited from top universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU
  • Meticulous background and reference checks
  • All-adult instructors, no high schoolers or CITs
  • 100% USA-based employees, no independent contractors
  • Rigorous training and proven teaching methods
  • Adherence to American Camp Association-accredited guidelines

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Introduction to Java Coding

$649 for 10 lessons

About This Certification

Learn the building blocks of coding concepts and use them to build interactive projects.



Intermediate Java Coding

$649 for 10 lessons

About This Certification

Explore game programming and learn how Java can be leveraged to create games. 


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