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Robotics Engineering and Coding Lab with VEX

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13 - 17 (Must turn 13 by 12-31-19)
Coding, Robotics
iD Tech Camps | Weeklong
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Vex Robotics V5, VEX Coding Studio

Robotics Engineering and Coding Lab with VEX

Course Description

Take your real-world robotics skills to the next level with the VEX Robotics Design System. Build a frame and base for your robot then connect its wires to provide power to your creation. Work in teams to adapt your robot to compete in complex, user-piloted challenges like obstacle courses. Use VEX C++, the premiere robotics coding language, to code your 'bot to complete autonomous tasks like maze navigation or stacking and moving objects with the claw arm. May the best 'bot win!

Prerequisite: Ability to work in a team. Each student will be provided with an individual computer and will share robotics equipment.
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In this course, your student will:

  • Use proper gear ratios to create speed or torque
  • Implement analog and digital sensors to accomplish tasks
  • Identify programming control structures
  • Participate in robotics challenges similar to popular robotics competitions

Your student will take home:

  • Project Files
  • Video footage of robotics challenges
  • iD Tech diploma
  • Course transcripts
  • iD Tech t-shirt, water bottle, and USB drive

This course is perfect for students wanting a future in Coding or Robotics.

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