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Autonomous and Self-Driving Robotics Lab

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13 - 18 (Must turn 13 by 12-31-19)
Coding, Robotics
iD Coding & AI Academy | Two-week
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Arduino, MicroPython

Autonomous and Self-Driving Robotics Lab

Course Description

Get hands-on to build your very own autonomous robot. Using basic circuitry and frame components, you'll construct a base for your robot. Then you'll add an Arduino, a popular microcontroller for creating new electronic devices, and integrate sensors to let your robot understand and navigate its environment.

After you've created your take-home robot, use an advanced camera and MicroPython—a language with all the benefits of Python but leaner so it works quickly and efficiently on microcontrollers—to delve into computer vision. Now you and your robot will be able to get ahead of the self-driving curve! Acquire college-level STEM principles of hands-on mechanics, critical thinking, and collaboration—vital skills for any future robotics engineer.

Prerequisite: Ability to work in a team. Each student will be provided with an individual computer and will share robotics equipment.
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In this course, your student will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering
  • Explore computer vision and autonomous robotics
  • Code with Arduino and MicroPython
  • Build an Arduino powered robot
  • Gain college-level mechanics, critical thinking, and collaboration skills

Your student will take home:

  • Project files
  • Arduino powered robot
  • Digital portfolio for college admissions
  • iD Tech diploma
  • Course transcripts
  • iD Tech t-shirt, water bottle, and USB drive

This course is perfect for students wanting a future in Robotics or Coding.

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