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Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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13 - 18 (Must turn 13 by 12/31/21)
Skill Level
Python, PyCharm
iD Coding & AI Academy | Two-week

Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The blockchain. NFTs. Bitcoin. Etherium. Dogecoin. Cryptokitties?! With all of these words flying around—and transactions and trades worth collectively billions of dollars—cryptocurrencies are on the rise. In this course, we’ll cover how cryptocurrency is made, exploring fundamental coding concepts like the SHA-256 hashing algorithms that make these blockchains and currencies run. You'll develop your own programs and important features that are implemented in blockchains and cryptocurrencies and see firsthand all of the math and code that goes into mining, generating, and using these digital currencies. With knowledge of their capabilities and limitations, you’ll be well prepared for the future.

As you explore concepts, you’ll develop programs and an understanding of coding in Python. With one of the most powerful and popular coding languages available, you’ll get a sense of not only the theory behind block chain technology and the algorithms that power it, but tangible code implementation of these concepts. You’ll see firsthand what goes into creating these world-changing currency systems.
Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

In this course, you will:

  • Explore blockchain algorithms
  • Work with Python code
  • Understand cryptocurrency implementations and uses
  • Develop coding and logical thinking skills.

Your tuition includes:

  • Personalized learning + take-home project
  • College-ready digital portfolio
  • University campus experience + meals and housing
  • iD Small Class Guarantee™
  • Official Academy diploma + course transcript
  • Limited edition t-shirt, stainless steel water bottle, sling bag

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