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Cybersecurity and Encryption

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13 - 17 (Must turn 13 by 12-31-18)
Beginner - Advanced
iD Tech Camps | Weeklong
Python, PyCharm

Cybersecurity and Encryption

Course Description
Discover the history of encryption, which dates all the way back to the time of Caesar, yet is more relevant now than ever. Code your own encrypted message creator before sending secrets back and forth between your classmates, staying one step ahead of would-be cyber attacks. Develop impressive cryptographic abilities, then learn how to encrypt data with programs and computers and see how they relate to modern cybersecurity. Like they always say: Lo cebo dy nbsxu iyeb Yfkvdsxo.
Locations for this Course

In this course, your student will:

  • Encrypt messages and information and keep them secure
  • Decrypt encrypted messages
  • Create and analyze small programs for security
  • Develop critical thinking skills

Your student will take home:

  • Project files

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