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Chess Gameplay and Artificial Intelligence

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10 - 12 (Must turn 10 by 12-31-22)
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iD Tech Camps | Weeklong
Coding, Game Dev

Chess Gameplay and Artificial Intelligence

Chess is a classic game with a ton of depth. With hard work and understanding, some players as young as 12 have made the ranks of Grandmaster! It's a difficult feat and takes a great deal of practice, and building up your internal mental model of the game is best done through playing. Explore opening moves, classic games, and what makes the game tick on a basic level. As you play, you'll also see how AI has changed the game, from beating players and exposing weaknesses to helping them improve to the point of surpassing past champions. When Deep Blue (a chess-playing computer) beat world champion Garry Kasparov, it turned him on to the pathway of artificial intelligence. So whether you're on the way to becoming a Grandmaster yourself, or delving into computer science, you'll have time to play, think critically, and develop the skills to leave your mark on this ever-popular game.
Chess Gameplay and Artificial Intelligence

In this course, you will:

  • Practice playing chess matches
  • Explore the interactions between chess and AI
  • Solve chess puzzles and practice scenarios

Your tuition includes:

  • Customized at-camp curriculum + take-home project
  • Official iD Tech diploma + course transcript
  • Limited edition iD Tech t-shirt

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