1-on-1 tutoring available now >

1-on-1 tutoring available now >

YouTube: Streaming FX and Post Production

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13 - 17 (Must turn 13 by 12-31-20)
Skill Level
Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects
Squads After School | 1 lesson per week for 4 weeks

YouTube: Streaming FX and Post Production

Course Description
Get right into the thick of editing, recording voiceover, adding effects, and turning gameplay videos into YouTube-worthy content! You'll have a few pre-recorded game videos to choose from, and from there you can learn what turns an average video into something that gets subscribers and shares. Of course, if you've got the equipment, you can provide your own recordings as well, but no matter what, the editing chops you'll build up here will take you down the path to YouTube and video-editing mastery.

Online Course Requirements:
-Mac or Windows PC only
-Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects installed
-Stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

You asked, we answered!
We are currently updating the format of Squads After School to better align with your family's schedule. Please check back on Monday, September 21 to register for this course.
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In this course, you will:

  • Produce gameplay videos for YouTube
  • Edit game streaming recordings
  • Add post production effects to videos
  • Practice digital citizenship

Your tuition includes:

  • iD Certified Instructor
  • 6 hours of direct instruction
  • iD Small Class Guarantee™ (Max 5 students)
  • Official iD course transcript
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What's Included?

Each Squads course includes:

  • Real-time learning with an iD Certified rockstar instructor
  • A social experience unlike any other, blending STEM skill-building and friendship
  • Just 5 students max per class for personalized learning
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