Is your company committed to bridging the gender gap in STEM?

iD Tech, the world's leading summer STEM educator, is seeking philanthropic partners to help empower the next generation of young women in tech. With your financial support, we will offer scholarships for our acclaimed weeklong programs to girls across the country.

We pledge to match all corporate giving for this program. Together, we will build a foundation that fosters girls' long-term skill development, preparing them for bright futures in tech.

Providing a pathway for girls in tech

  • Over 50 cutting-edge courses in coding, game development, robotics, and creative arts
  • World-class summer camps for ages 7-18 held at prestigious campus locations 
  • Scholarship recipients may have the opportunity to participate for multiple summers, building a foundation in STEM for college, internships, and future careers.

“Every kid should have the opportunity to experience iD Tech. We’re changing lives.”
-Howard Behar, Former President, Starbucks International and current iD Tech Board Member

Did you know...

In the U.S. alone, there are currently over 2.4 million open STEM jobs. The perspectives of girls and women are vital across these fields, yet the gender gap persists due to stereotypes and societal factors.

  • Over 50% of the U.S. population is female, yet women make up only 12% of computer science undergrads. (
  • Women comprise nearly half the U.S. labor force but hold only 4.6% of top leadership positions. (
  • Girls’ interest in STEM peaks in middle school and drops off during high school due to social factors and a lack of access. (Girls Who Code)

In recent years, we've grown our population of girls at camp from 12% to 25%. With your help, we'll continue pursuing 50/50 gender parity, ultimately creating the largest pipeline of girls for STEM careers.

What we know

Learning coding and engineering takes mentorship, practice, and follow-up. Learning to code by yourself is less effective.

Mastery, whether of a foreign language, a professional sport, or coding, cannot be accomplished in one hour. 

Every student, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status, can learn to code and thrive professionally if given the opportunity for long-term skill development.

Engaging experiences that are tailored to students' interests will foster a love for technology and deliver the best outcomes.  

Our summer programs provide the ideal environment for students of all experience levels and backgrounds to build in-demand skills and spark lifelong passions.

Why should your company become a sponsor?

  • Relationship building with scholarship students for future internship or employment opportunities 
  • Satisfaction of sponsoring students over multiple years before they head to college
  • PR and marketing efforts connecting your company to an important social cause
  • Tax deductible donations processed via The Society of Women Engineers, a non-profit organization promoting women in science and engineering

To get started today as a corporate sponsor, please contact Kimberly Frinell at 408-637-2436 or email