Scratch is Inspiring Tech Students to Code & Create

Mercedes Allende - EditedMercedes

Scratch helped Mercedes see how fun and accessible coding could be with the right tools. Her first in-depth experience with Scratch was at Alexa Café, an all-girls tech program from iD Tech. She couldn’t get enough. “You get to learn the fundamentals of coding without even realizing it. Plus, you don’t have to memorize sequences, words, or phrases like you do for other types of coding.”

Mercedes now hopes to double major in math and computer science in college. Her end goal? To change the world. “Coding can fix a lot of problems, and has the potential to bridge the gaps between countries and languages. It doesn’t matter if you speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, or something different. You can learn to code in any language.”

Justin 1 OriginalJustin

Justin learned to program using Scratch then programming instantly became a passion. As a tenth grader, he created a Scratch programming club for middle schoolers who didn’t have access to Computer Science classes. The experience was transformative. “Teaching Scratch made me realize that by combining my technology skills and a love for helping others, I could change the lives of many.”

Indeed many peers have become excited about programming, but it didn’t stop in his hometown. Justin even traveled to the Bahamas to install computer labs at three different police stations throughout the country, hoping to provide disadvantaged communities with access to technology. Additionally, he developed a computer literacy curriculum which is taught in each of the labs. Years later, Justin is now pursuing a dual degree in computer science and information technology web science at prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


As an iD Tech alum who’s attended over 30 iD Tech Camps courses, Zack is no stranger to using Scratch. “I find that it’s often difficult and time-consuming to create 2D animations with certain software. With Scratch, it’s a whole different story. The programming language is so simple and easy to use.”

That simplicity has inspired him to keep coding. Though Zack has mastered a variety of tech topics, he still uses Scratch to solve complicated problems. “Sometimes when coming to a complex programming problem, I think about how I would solve the problem in Scratch. On multiple occasions, this technique has helped me see problems differently—and solve them with ease!”

Amy 1 EditedAmy

Scratch has allowed Amy, an Alexa Café and iD Tech Camps alumna, to channel her creativity in and out of the classroom. At camp, Amy used Scratch to build an animated maze that let people role-play as royals. She also employed her Scratch skills to animate a school project on the Spanish colonists.

Since then, Scratch has showed her that anything is possible. “When I was seven I realized that someone had to make all of this technology—computers, iPhones, robots—and that someone could be me. I’m definitely interested in programming, designing, and constructing. For me, Scratch is that outlet.”



Learn to Code Using Scratch at iD Tech Summer Programs!

With its drag-and-drop interface and fun look, Scratch is a great tool for kids who are just learning to code. That’s why we’ve been incorporating Scratch into many of our iD Tech summer courses for kids ages 6-12:

Our summer camps are held at more than 100 prestigious campuses nationwide. Visit our locations page to find a camp near you.


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