You can say “bye” to summer, but good luck trying to forget it

iD Tech in action

Tell me if this has happened to you....

You look forward to something for weeks and weeks—like a vacation, holiday, etc.—just counting down the days until it finally arrives. Then, once that “thing” or event has passed, and you land back into your daily routine, you can’t help but start thinking about the next time it’s going to roll back around again....

If you had a child who attended iD Tech this summer, you might already be witnessing such a phenomenon with your kids and teens.  

Fresh off friendshipping, Fortniting, laughing, and leveling up, your students might be back to their normal daily lives. But even so, you can’t help but notice the evidence that a piece of summer is still with them. 

It’s something we see often.

Even though the calendar has turned shades of brown and orange, iD green is still shining through. 

It might be because...

They were challenged to grow—and grew!

“I loved iD Tech! It was interesting to be able to take hard projects, and break them down into pieces that were manageable. I learned a lot about myself, and I'm more confident in my ability to take on more difficult 3D modeling challenges.” -Maya I., Columbia University

“Starting from the ground up is one of the hardest things to do. Everyone knows that climbing up a mountain is the hard part, but falling down is easy. iD Tech allows everyone to start climbing that mountain with a head start. They're able to give you the instruction and care needed so that you can climb over obstacles and eventually become a self-sufficient creator. Overall, an amazing experience.”  -Shawn L., Sacramento State

“This camp was extremely useful for the beginning of my YouTube career. I learned so much about cameras, equipment, and editing. I felt very included in anything we did and enjoyed the working time more than the break because of it.” -Feliese S., Ohio State University  

They experienced the magic of making new friends and learning new skills.

“My instructor, Moogle, was outstanding all around. This week literally could not have gone better—I made friends, learned about a fascinating program (Autodesk Maya), and had an overall fabulous time.” -Jonas D.,  Columbia University 

“I love the diversity of students and staff members here at iD Tech. Anyone at this camp could easily make friends, as everyone is here for one reason: to learn. I love that we were able to learn on our own. Although you may only attend for a week, the material that this camp covers is amazing!” -Yuri P.,  Emory University 

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They could also be one of the many who are now viewing “classes” a bit differently.

“This was definitely the BEST camp I have ever been to. It was lots of fun. It made me feel like I was in school, except whenever you're in school, you long for lunch and break time. At this camp, I longed for the lessons, and I never wanted break time to come. I loved it THAT much!” -Anna D., St. Edward's University 

There’s a chance their summer altered their future path.

“This was the first all-girl camp I've ever been to, and it is safe to say, it has changed my life forever. From the quotes on the walls, the staff, and other girls coding right beside me, I’ve never felt more empowered and determined in my entire life. This camp has shown me how to be strong, be smart, and to break down the glass ceiling above all of us girls.” -Christine R., NYU - Washington Square

“iD Tech showed me that computer programming is my true calling. The activities are very entertaining and the instructors are kind and helpful. Overall, I recommend iD Tech 10/10!” -Olivia F., Palo Alto Campus

“iD Tech is a camp that can really help anyone's future. Kids learn new skills, and make new friends. In just a week they can become great at anything they want that the camp offers—and after camp is over, you take your skills into the real world.” -Jack C., Montclair State University 

Or perhaps they entered camp as a beginner, and left with the skills and confidence of someone far beyond what would be considered novice. 

“When I signed up for this camp I knew pretty much nothing about Python, C++, etc. But walking away only a week later, I feel ready to take on challenging coding programs. My experience here taught me so much and I had a blast doing it thanks to a particular Director. I would recommend iD Tech for anyone with an interest in coding. Whether you're a coding expert or a beginner like I was, iD Tech will be a great experience for you!”  -Micah K., Seton Hall University  

“I came into this class not even knowing what programming was, and now I understand it enough to be able to write my own program. The class was great and I would recommend taking it to anyone looking to get a good first understanding of coding and development.” -Michael M., Columbia University

“My overall experience at iD Tech was amazing. In the beginning of the week, I didn't have a clue about 3D printing, but now, all of my questions have been answered! I loved learning how to use Boolean and Extrude. The classes were very fun and I never got bored. I can't wait to go back to school and tell my friends that I've learned to use a 3D printer. I would love to return to iD Tech again next year!” -Gabriela W., Carnegie Mellon University

“This was my first time trying coding, and so the first day I was scared that I would be the only one who didn’t know what they were doing. But my instructor helped me a lot... he did not give up on me, and kept telling me 'You can do it' even when I did not feel like doing it. I later realized he was doing it to help me. Even though I am not advanced in coding, I can say that I am better now than when I arrived. I LOVED iD TECH.” -Nelly W., University of Memphis

Or maybe they never wanted to leave at all!

“This was my fifth year coming to this camp and I wish I could stay the entire summer. This camp gave me some of the best friends I've ever had and I'm so happy I came here for the first time five years ago. I can't wait for camp next year!”  -Maggie K., Bentley University

Their “stuck in summer” feeling could stem from figuring out how to learn like they’ve never learned before.

“It was a really fun time. I had the best experience I've ever had at a camp, and this was the first coding camp where I really felt like I've learned a lot at the end. Thank you all so much!”  -Ana B.,  University of Washington - Seattle, iD Game Design & Development Academy 

“I really enjoyed Alexa Café because I was introduced to a new coding IDE and Java for the first time. I really wanted to be introduced to programming since I can't take it as an option at school. Now I feel well-rounded, and I can say that I've coded.” -Alexis M., Georgia Institute of Technology

Or from non-stop smiling.

“My week at iD Tech was amazing. I met some amazing students and teachers who made me laugh more than I ever have before. They made me feel welcome, and that I was actually a normal person... something I have never felt before in a learning environment."  -Edward E., Harvard Law School: 1585 Massachusetts Ave

Maybe their camp time emboldened them to tackle whatever stands in their way.

“I really like how this camp teaches girls to have faith in themselves so they participate more in technology/STEM activities.” -Shila K., Bryn Mawr College, Alexa Café

“Here, I had an idea, and this was one of those brilliant moments where I had the tech to MAKE IT HAPPEN. This was an incredible journey for me and I am ecstatic to know I will continue for two more weeks.” -Dani O., NYU - Washington Square, Alexa Café

“iD Tech was an amazing experience. I truly feel like I found myself here, and I learned so much that I am proficient and confident in my programming skills. This was a fantastic experience. I 100/100 recommend it.” -Aliya W.,  Palo Alto Campus, iD Coding & AI Academy

And might not ever forget what this summer meant to them.

“This is my sixth year at iD Tech, and I've enjoyed it so much every time that I have returned. I really enjoy the content and social aspects, and secretly, I like the opportunity to go outside and do other fun activities. You remember every week in detail—your instructor, the material, and the like-minded friends you make.”  -Nikhil O., UC Santa Barbara 

“I've been here three years in a row, and I have no intent of stopping. I love the one week I'm here per year, and I look forward to it months in advance. The instructors are just incredibly friendly, and our instructor in particular worked tirelessly to ensure that we were happy. Overall, my summer honestly wouldn't be complete without iD Tech, and I'm so happy I can keep coming back.” -Ryan M., Rollins College 

“This place is so amazing and cool, I just wanna live here. 1 MILLION SMILEY FACES! :)” -Eric G., University of Louisville

“I have literally been looking forward to this camp since last November. I love iD Tech because there is so much that I can learn and so many cool options available." -Jacob B., University of Michigan 

All in all, summer is great, and far too short. 

The good news? I promise, while your attention is turning to that pesky back-to-school checklist, summer will come back around next year. In fact, registration for Summer 2022 begins soon!

The better news? Your student can continue to build STEM skills right now with Online Private Lessons, led by our finest summer staff!

See you online, at camp, or both!

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