Wishbone: Helping Students Attend iD Tech!

iD Tech in action

Wishbone, a non-profit that aims to "eliminate the opportunity gap" for low-income high school students, has been helping impassioned teenagers attend iD Tech and other extracurricular programs via crowdfunding. The organization recently contacted us with a feature on several students who were able to attend iD because of their fundraising efforts on its site.

Meet The Students


"I learned so much about coding in Javascript and I learned what it means to be independent." -Vera , Attended iD Tech Camps held at New York University


"This program exposed me to robotics at a basic level, and influenced my future goals of possibly incorporating my ideas about robotics into my business in the future." -Michael, Attended iD Tech Camps held at Stanford


"On one of the days, we built our robot to pick up cups to show us how robots could help humans and the Earth." -Kevin, Attended iD Tech Camps held at Stanford


"I got to meet and make new friends who came from all around the world..." -Hector, Attended iD Tech Camps held at Stanford

Students like Vera, Michael, Kevin, and Hector inspire us to continue giving back to our community and providing financial aid for families in need. If you are passionate about attending iD Tech Camps for Kids or our Teen Programs, but require financial aid, please visit our Tuition Assistance page for more info. Learn more about Wishbone here.

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A San Jose State grad of Women’s Studies and Music, Kendall joined iD as a writer in 2013. She likes social equality and vegetarianism, and plays in an indie dream pop band.

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