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4 Reasons Why You Should Register Early for Summer Camp

Sign Up Early for Camp

Try and forget it’s November.

Instead, transport yourself to May. The sun is out, and school is nearly out. Now your summer planner is out in front of you, but it has holes larger than the Grand Canyon. Your challenge is to rush to figure exactly how your kids will be spending their time for the next three months.

Okay, you can come back to November. And take a deep breath to relax. No worries, an empty summer calendar is safe here.

With this post, I have two goals:

  1. Convince you of the benefits of signing up for camp now (or soon; definitely not waiting until May).
  2. Uncover and address the reasons why you can’t register now, and see if I can be of any help!

So, number one, you should consider signing up for camp looooong before summer for the following reasons:

1. You Save Money, Plain and $imple

You will never save more money on camp than right now. Not only do we offer our largest discount opportunities in November, but registering early ensures that you have more time to refer friends to camp. The benefit is you’ll save up to $25 for each and every friend you refer to camp (as long as they haven’t attended before). And, the odds of you saving anywhere from $50 to $200 greatly increase with the more time you have at your disposal. (View new 2016 summer camp locations.)

2. You Have a (Flexible) Plan

Planning for summer is difficult, without a doubt. The good news is, if you register for camp now, you have more than enough time to get your schedule together, and, if you need to make adjustments, you can do so without worrying about penalties. On the other hand, if you register later, you might find yourself stuck, because camp could be taking place the next week or the next couple of weeks (or within the 21-day window where a charge is incurred for changes).

8:1 Student-to-Instructor Ratio

3. You Get the Courses Your Child Really Wants

Registering early for camp makes available the entire lineup of courses, dates, activities, and options (Minecraft anybody?). At iD Tech, popular courses sell out quickly! Sure, there is always another date to consider, and yes, there are plenty of related courses to take — and a number of camp locations across the country to choose from — BUT, it’s your first choice for a reason. Make it happen! This way you can almost guarantee your son or daughter will be able to experience all of the benefits summer camp has to offer.

4. You Get Peace of Mind

Is there anything better than uttering the statements “I’m glad I got that done,” or “I’m glad that’s out of the way,” or “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore”?  On the flip side, isn’t the gut pang of “Ughhhh, I still have to do that” or “Darn it, I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long” just the pits? Free your mind!

Still Unsure About Registering in November?

As compelling as these benefits might be, sometimes there are just other barriers preventing you from signing up for camp “early.” I get it. So I’m asking because I genuinely want to know… why can’t you sign up for camp now? Maybe you just don’t want to, and that’s fine as well. But, the more we know, the more we can help. I’ll respond to every question in the comments.

Until then, I’ll predict some of your potential hurdles:



Well, honestly, me neither! What I do know is that computer/tech/programming/STEM camp is for a LOT of people (there have been over 235,000 students who have gone through our programs). At the same time, I know camp just isn’t a good fit for some.

This blog post breaks down a few questions to get you thinking. One important thing to remember is that determining if tech camp is a fit or not doesn’t always come down to having a child who enjoys technology.




In a nutshell, iD Tech opened its doors in 1999. Now, with over 150+ locations nationwide, students can learn anything and everything from Minecraft to 3D Printing, Coding to Game Design, and so much more. Students enjoy personalized learning in small classes with guaranteed 8:1 ratios. Of course, if there is something else you need to know, feel free to consult our help center, or post a question in the comments.



This is a tough one. With so many choices, how could you start to narrow it down? Personally, I’d start with a genre. Ask yourself (or your child), which course genre — whether it’s programming, 3D modeling, or something else entirely — sounds most appealing? Once you’ve figured out a genre direction, visit the page for your preferred camp location and see which courses are offered. Here are other tips on choosing a summer camp.


So, there you go. I’m sure there are other reasons for not registering, but remember that questions don’t have to go unanswered!