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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

boy assembling project circuit board

To visit the iD corporate staff, of course!

In the midst of our busy January days filled with planning new curriculum, solidifying university contracts, and much more; every so often something happens around the office that perfectly sums up why iD is the best place to work. Case in point: a dancing, singing, joke-telling chicken. With our entire regional management team in town last week, the client services crew couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a friendly surprise. This is what appeared in our Campbell, CA office shortly after lunch last week:

After participating in the chicken dance and clucking over a few good one-liners, it was back to business. We’re moving full-steam ahead into our 15th season of running the World’s #1 Tech Camps, and what we have in store for summer camp 2013 is sure to knock your socks off.

Need more dancing chickens in your life? If you’re looking for an amazing opportunity to work for the leading provider of youth summer technology camps, we’re always on the lookout individuals with exceptional talent (human talent, that is)! Head over to our jobs page to learn more about becoming part of the iD Family.