Why culture is more than a word or a feeling at iD Tech

iD Tech in action

Culture is more than a word or a feeling, for iD Tech—culture is a way of operation.

We tie it into our core values, hire amazing people that further and add to our culture, and have a dedicated Culture Club that meets once a month.

We sat down with a long-time Culture Club member, Kristi Murnin, to learn more about what exactly the club is all about and why it’s important to iD Tech.

Overall Kristi has been with iD Tech for almost seven years. Her journey with us has jumped around between six different positions and as she grew, the company grew with her. Kristi has held positions in Client Services, Compliance, and now her role as a Requirements Analyst in our Engineering Department.

Through all her transitions with iD Tech, she has remained a loyal member to our Culture Club since it began about five years ago.

What is the Culture Club?

“It's a way for a ‘we the people’ sort of thing, to make our culture what we want it to be. The members of the group will go back to their teams and get input on the event ideas we have to make sure we are on the right track for what our people want to see. You need the people to participate for it to truly be our culture; that’s why it is open to everyone to join if they’d like to contribute ideas. My favorite thing about working here is being able to take an idea and run with it, and Culture Club is just an outlet to do that.”

Why do you feel it is important to have a Culture Club?

“This is why we love our jobs [at iD Tech]. If you ask anybody, the main reason we like working here is because of each other. We want to include each other and have fun together. It’s nice to be allowed to do that.”

What makes you passionate about the Culture Club?

“I’m currently taking a positive psychology course, and work is a job for so many people and a source of stress. A majority of people will tell you they're not happy and they don't like what they do. The Culture Club is infusing positive energy into our workplace to make it a place you want to be. It makes it so it's not just a job.”

What was/is your favorite idea that has come from the Culture Club?

“Oh that's a tough one! Trivia day was fun. But we have so many that have been pretty amazing! Harry Potter Day was fun too. We've had some really great events here.”  

From our wacky theme days, to our international potlucks, there is never a dull moment at iD Tech. Our Culture Club plays a huge part in making this place reflect our Camper Spirit, but iD Tech wouldn’t be what it is today without our people contributing their creativity and passion to making this a Top Workplace.

A photo of Brooke

Brooke graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Public Relations and started with iD Tech in 2017. You can usually find her at the beach, at a country concert or hanging out with her pup, Milo. She was born in Sacramento and bounced around, including spending a couple years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, till finding her forever home in the Bay Area.

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