Our 2020 camp season just launched. TWENTY TWENTY—the future!

iD Tech in action

Remember the hubbub around the year 2000? “Y2K” was literally the word of the year

“The future is coming, the future is coming!”

As we buzzed through 1999 with the excitement of the unknown, most thought the big leap into “the future” was 20 years ago. 

Good intentions for sure, and people were only working with the knowledge available... but wow, were they wrong.

Because really, as we approach 2020, the future is now more than it has ever been. Y2K was a great first step, but we just keep advancing beyond what we could have ever imagined back then.

Give it a look—close your eyes and take yourself back to 1999.

“All Star” by Smash Mouth was all over the radio stuck in our brains. Music “sharing” service Napster was released. The Matrix hit theaters, unveiling revolutionary action sequences and effects, changing cinema forever.

I mean, remember all of that digital "green rain?"

That movie introduced the world to what “code” looked like, but most of us had no idea just how necessary skills like coding would soon become. 

Likewise, most of us had no idea our mobile Nokia phones would give way to smarter phones and the need for a different kind of programming. 

Most of us were unaware of what would be involved in and required of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or alternate realities—both virtual and augmented. 

Most of us didn’t see the potential of learning tech in 1999. It was new, fun, and cool, but needing people to learn these skills, let alone making them all available for kids to learn? No way. 

Most of us didn’t have much of a clue. But some of us did. 

You see, we launched our summer tech programs in 1999. And while we didn’t quite understand what app development or game modding would be what it is today, we knew something was brewing. 

“Web design,” “programming,” and hey, “VR!” (This ad is actually from a year 2000 publication and not 1999, but you get the point.) 

While most people were worried about whether or not their computers would work properly when the clock struck midnight on 1/1/2000, we were thinking about how to equip kids and teens with the skills needed to communicate with those computers. 

Today, we can look back and call our 1999 launch a success. But we also saw that the next year was better. The one after that even more improved, and so on. We were on the tech forefront back in 1999, but importantly, have held serve for every summer that has followed.

Over 20 years and 450,000 students later...We. Are. Rolling.

And it’s not just summer this time around. With today’s 2020 launch, we are still very much focused on delivering the best in summer tech courses, but have also bolstered our year-round learning opportunities, introduced a newly-imagined gamified learning system, launched exclusive iD Master Classes, and so much more. 

So without further ado, here's an overview of everything we have in store for your tech-loving kid or teen. Whether they're brand new to our programs or on year 10, they're in for our best summer yet.

Brilliance built here

Our family company has spent the past 20+ years crafting elite, forward-thinking tech experiences to be the best on the planet. 

In doing so, we are have inspired students to unlock tech brilliance, and have given them the means to build such brilliance—on the very platforms in which they already have an interest. Apps, video games, social media, and robotics. 

Now, with summer programs and full-fledged online learning, gamified progress tracking (explained below), and more, we’ve perfected the world's best system to guide students from 7-year-old explorers to college-bound pros. 

We refer to it as “brilliance built here.” Take a look.

50+ courses to build on

Why “brilliance,” specifically?

We could have easily gone with something like “skills built here” or “tech built here.” Both are true! 

But brilliance? It’s on another level. 

Noun; exceptional talent or intelligence.

We have larger aspirations. We want your kids to be tech experts; masters in their fields. We want such outcomes because that’s what it will take for them to grab one of the many - and lucrative - STEM jobs available now and for years to come. 

Thus, we also want to make sure such brilliance can be put into action; that it’s relevant. 

So with new courses added in coding, Roblox, Minecraft, Sphero, digital music, AR, eSports, and more, your child has more ways than ever to unleash their creativity—and build brilliance relevant to today’s competitive landscape. 

Here are a few of our latest offerings:

The iD Tech Pathway™ as your guide

Going along with the above, brilliance is built, not acquired in one fell swoop. 

For beginners just getting into tech, one single course is a great place to start! But with something as involved and powerful as coding, robotics, or game development, brilliance and mastery require a much bigger investment of time and effort. Same goes for learning a new language or how to play piano, etc.

You might be thinking “Reaching expert level? That’s a lot of summers.”

Again, this isn’t just about summer. It’s about setting wheels in motion to make Python coding, eSports, or 3D printing a part of your child’s everyday life—to the point where they become experts in a topic they’re passionate about. Summer is just one piece of the puzzle. 

To help you keep track of all of the iD Tech puzzle pieces - summer camp and online learning - we’ve revamped the iD Tech Pathway, which is our proprietary, gamified learning system designed with your child's long-term success in mind. 

For every summer or online course completed, students earn XP (experience points)—starting at L1, and progressing all the way up to L10 as they unlock a love of learning and prove their mastery along the way.

You’ll always know where your student stands, and what course(s) they should jump into next. Our academic specialists will guide them from level to level so they can progress at their own speed (always in a fun, non-competitive environment).

iD Tech Online to supplement

Part of what makes summer special is the fact that it only comes around a few months out of the year. 

But for those aiming to reach mastery levels in coding and other disciplines (who don’t have such opportunities in school, and haven’t found a valuable alternative learning option) how do you keep the skill-building train moving?

There’s a gap, right? Well, we saw it too. 

That’s why we’ve built a stronger, “round-trip” bridge, taking students from summer program to post-camp learning with our year-round Online Private Lessons and Small Group Class offerings, and then all the way back around to pre-camp JumpStart sessions. 

Let me explain:

Online Private Lessons

Our Online Private Lessons are the perfect way to prep for a summer course, continue learning afterwards, or dive into a new topic whenever inspiration strikes. With one-on-one remote instruction, students will build in-demand tech skills from the comfort of home. Get started anytime, from anywhere in the world. Like, right now

Small Group Classes

Once your summer course ends, take your knowledge further! These post-camp online classes meet for six consecutive weeks. You will receive an invitation to enroll via email after your summer course ends.


Once registered for a summer course, students can jump right back into learning, getting a head start on essential concepts related to the camp in which they’ve enrolled, and gain momentum before they arrive! (Select JumpStart as an add-on when you enroll in any summer program.)

With the options above, a 2PM online coding course on a random Saturday is a real possibility. Sessions can be tailored to fit your schedule and are available year round to students all over the world. Not to mention that we retain our finest summer staff to foster your student’s long-term skill development. 

150+ inspiring locations

And what better place to build brilliance than on campus at some of the most prestigious universities in the world? For years, our programs have been held at locations like Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, and NYU

Each season, we add more options to the mix, with the goal of not only providing motivating environments in which to learn, but locations that are convenient as well.

A sampling of our new 2020 locations:

Exclusive iD Master Classes included in summer tuition

Technology never sleeps and is constantly evolving, requiring all who are reaching for brilliance to learn from real world stories of success. 

That’s why we've partnered with tech icons from Epic Games, Roblox, UCI Esports, and more to bring exclusive monthly content to our community and grant access to next-level, insider knowledge. 

Each class in the iD Master Classes series concludes with an interactive Q&A session, followed by a relevant, live demonstration by an iD Tech-certified instructor.

Upcoming classes include Mark Deppe, Director at UC Irvine Esports, Aspen Clark, Associate Designer at Bethesda Softworks (and former iD Tech instructor), and Adam Wilson, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Sphero.

The best part? It’s all included in enrollment—register for a summer program today to secure your spot in our upcoming sessions.

Here's to a great 2020!

With all this, November 1st marks the beginning of Summer 2020, and opens the door for year-round tech learning to begin right now. 

And don’t forget—new locations, courses, and other additions will be continually making their way to our website, so be sure to connect and stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

In the meantime, we encourage you to request a digital and/or printed copy of our new 2020 brochure. In doing so, you can also get on our email list where reminders, promo notifications, and other valuable info bits will be passed along. 

Thoughts? What are you most excited about? What else would you love to see incorporated?

Here’s to an amazing year of tech brilliance. 

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Ryan manages blog content at iD Tech, starting with the company in 2008. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State. Connect on LinkedIn!