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What is Coding? For Kids, it’s the New Cursive – Article as Appeared on

Many students and parents have probably been asking this a lot lately…What is coding? Heidi Flato, through the Verizon Wireless News Center, outlined an idea—coding is the new cursive! She went on to mention iD Tech, and even interviewed an iD student about the benefits of learning how to code (view all iD Tech coding courses).

A portion of the article is below, along with a link to the full piece—enjoy!


Coding is the New Cursive

By Heidi Flato
April 23, 2014

Every era demands – and rewards – specific skills. Once upon a time, children were taught how to milk a cow, plow a field, raise a barn, bake bread or write in cursive. Today, children are being taught to code.

Coding is so popular with today’s youth that a slew of startups are teaching the subject to kids as young as four years old. Play-i has developed interactive robots that teach children the basics of programming. Kano is a computer and coding kit designed for kids to assemble a computer from scratch and learn basic coding skills. MIT Labs and Tufts University have also jumped on the “teach kids to code” bandwagon with ScratchJr, a coding app that allows children to program their own interactive stories and games.

Last year,, a nonprofit that provides computer programming lessons to students, kicked off Hour of Code, a campaign aimed to demystify coding through hour-long computer science lessons. The tutorials have been given by influencers in the field such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and the lessons have taught more than 31 million students about coding.

Read the entire article here or continue on to coding courses at iD Tech.