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What is Alexa Café? A Girls Summer Program Unlike Any Other…

Now that you’ve been introduced to Alexa Café - the new, all-girl summer camp for ages 10-14 - I want to make sure you have a chance to get to know the program a little better.

Confidence, innovation, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship…it’s all a part of Alexa Café. Design with purpose, code creatively—see you at the Café.

Alexa Café Summer Courses:

  • Sugar Coded – Ages 10-12 – Visual Intro to Programming, Programming with Java, and more.
  • Javacinno – Ages 13-14 – Principles of Object-Oriented Programming, App Development, and more.
  • Design Barista – Ages 10-12 – Principles of Web Design and Brand Identity, Photography, and more.
  • Design Technista – Ages 13-14 – Web Design, Logo Design, Photography, Editing, and more.

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