What if social networks were countries?

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The below list matches the user base of popular social networking sites to the population of countries.

MySpace would be: Indonesia
Myspace users represent nearly 3.5% of the entire worlds population.

  • Myspace user base: 253,145,404
  • Populations of Indonesia: 229,550,810

Facebook would be: Pakistan
Facebook would be the 6th biggest country in the world. After MySpace, Facebook is the 2nd biggest social networking site.

  • Facebook user base: 175,000,000
  • Population of Pakistan: 165,704,000

Habbo would be: Japan
Not bad considering that Japan has been around since 30,000 BCE (as opposed to Habbo's 8 years in existence).

  • Habbo user base: 117,000,000
  • Population of Japan: 127,704,000

Friendster would be: Philippines
Appropriate, as Friendster is extremely popular in th Asia-Paciifc region of the world and especially in the Philippines.

  • Friendster population: 90,000,000
  • Population of the Philippines: 90,457,200

Xanga would be: Afganistan
Though a smaller social networking site, Xanga would still be larger than 176 other countries (and non-sovereign entities).

  • Xanga user-base: 27,000,000
  • Population of Afghanistan: 27,145,000

LiveJournal Would be: Angola
The 59th biggest county. Both entities have been accused of shady dealings in Russia...

  • LiveJournal: 17,564,977
  • Population of Angola: 17,024,000

Twitter would be: Latvia
The smallest on my list, Twitter would still be larger than almost half the countries (and non-sovereign nations) in the world.

  • Twitter user base: 2,200,000
  • Population of Latvia: 2,261,100

As usual, all facts and data were made up completely.
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