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We've Hooked Another Former Summer Staffer for a Corporate Position


Amidst the sea of new faces around the main office, there is one that is strangely familiar. Corey (A.K.A. Sonic) began his journey with iD Tech as a camper in 2003. He continued on to work for iD as an Instructor and Assistant Director at UCSD, UCI and UCLA for the summers of 2009 – 2014. After five summers out at camp, Corey is now ready to bring that same tenacity and enthusiasm to the table all year long. In his new role as a Software Coordinator on the Operations team his underlying mission is to make it easier for summer staff to do their jobs. Because of his awesome performance out at camp and his positive impact on summer staff, Sonic now has a year-long home at iD Tech. We are so excited to have this former camper-turned instructor-turned corporate employee on board. He is just as excited to have the #BestJobEver!


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