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It’s that time of year again! Today is the first day of our Spring Break Camp in Santa Clara, CA. 2012 marks our 5th season holding our annual Spring Break Camp at Don Callejon School – located right in the heart of all the technology action in Silicon Valley. What exactly goes on at this camp? Our Curriculum Manager, Randy, participated in a Q&A session with me to give us the break down on our Spring Break Tech Camp!

What is Spring Break Camp like at iD Tech Camps?

Spring Break Camp is kind of like the first midnight showing of a hot new movie. It’s a chance for students to get a sneak peek of new courses, new curriculum and new activities that have been meticulously planned for the upcoming Summer. Not only that, but it’s a chance for kids to put a new passion of theirs into practice, or take a new skill for a spin.

Is camp geared toward a specific age group or gender?

This is a great opportunity for all students! We are holding courses that run the spectrum for ages 7-17, and appeal to both boys and girls.

What’s new for Spring Break Camp in 2012?

We have several exciting new courses such as Intro to Web Design & Photography and Movie Making Camp, as well as two courses that feature the hot gaming title Portal™ 2. We also have new outdoor activities to debut.

What is included in a typical day at our Spring Break Camp?

After we get settled in the morning, we recap important concepts from the previous day, and then jump into the next set of lessons until lunchtime. After our lunch break outside at our private picnic area, we burn off some energy playing field games designed specifically for our camps, or enjoying board games in the shade. Our afternoon classroom session is a scheduled balance of new, classroom lessons, and personal instruction as the students develop their own individual projects. At the end of the day, we gather the camp together for a recap of the day’s events and to acknowledge those who have helped us along the way.

Why is this camp a great option for kids on Spring Break?

Spring Break Camp is an opportunity for kids to learn, play, create and develop new friendships. For kids into technology and computers, what’s not to love?!

How does attending this weeklong camp benefit students after camp is over?  

All of our camps offer access to the most cutting edge technologies and contemporary computer skills. Our courses are designed to stimulate conceptual thinking and strengthen academic connections, all while having FUN, creating games, projects, websites, robots, videos and more. For kids who are considering joining iD Tech Camps at one of our summer locations, Spring Break Camp gives them an opportunity to build a solid foundation in their chosen path, then hit the ground running over the summer and take their skill set to the next level.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to our Spring Break Camp this year. Summer is just around the corner, and there’s still time to find an iD Tech Camps location near you and plan for an awesome summer camp experience!

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